Weekly Weigh-In

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Weekly Weigh-In

This past week was my first time to weigh in on a Friday after a full week.  You may have noticed that the Weekly Weigh-In is a day early.  That’s in keeping with my new weigh-in day, but, as always, if you choose to join in and share your weight-loss results, you can do so in the comments any time during the week.  So, just share your results whenever you weigh in.

If you’ve been around awhile, you may recall that I used to do a linky so that whoever wanted to could blog about their results for the week, “weigh in” on any weight-loss related topics that they’d like, and link up.  I quit doing that when participation dropped, but I’d be happy to start it again if there is enough interest.  Just let me know, in the comments, if you’d like to participate in a weekly link-up.

So, anyway, back to my results for the week, I lost a pound!  I was pretty happy about that because my weight loss has been kind of slow lately and, between my colonoscopy on Tuesday (and the prep on Monday) and Brianna’s oral surgery (wisdom teeth) on Thursday, I only got to workout two days last week.  And, lest you think that the one pound loss was a result of the colonoscopy prep, I weighed on Tuesday morning and hadn’t lost a single pound!  I seriously thought that was a bit of a rip-off.

This week, it should be back to a more regular workout routine, plus my Y membership is back in effect.  I had it suspended over the summer because it was so hard to get there while our schedule was so out-of-whack.  I should have gone yesterday, but I was “homeschool mom nesting” in preparation for starting school Wednesday.

So, what about you?  How is your weight-loss going?

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  1. Start up the linky again… I'll join you this time around. 🙂 I lost a pound too… could have been so much better, but I was stress eating. Not good. I think that is were exercise will help… dealing with the stress so I don't deal with it with food. Good job on your pound too!

  2. I'm on track for my weightloss as well! Thankyou for the motivation. My goals, ofcourse, are different than yours. I just want to hold steady, I've lost 35 lbs. in one year, and I want to keep it off for one year, then I'll try to lose at least 10 more lbs. So I'll be trying for the next 10 lbs. this fall!

    It's actually exciting to lose weight through the holidays though! You know exactly how I feel! That's why I love you blog so much!

  3. I'd love to participate in a linky weekly weigh in. My current weigh in day is Monday.

    So, over the past month I've shed 4.8 lbs & I've lost a total of SIX INCHES! WooHoo! Pretty excited about that considering it was my first month!

    I'm also hosting a linky party for August ~ an exercise party. We all set our own exercise goals and link them up then cheer each other on. You can join at https://healthyfor100.blogspot.com

    Stop by and say hello!!

  4. Congrats on the pound lost! And yeah, you were totally ripped off to have not lost more with the prep for the procedure!

    I'd be interested in doing the linky. I'm finally motivated for me!

  5. I started following your blog a while back, but I have not been reading your posts as I was pregnant at the time and obviously not going to be losing weight. To tell you the truth, I actually forgot about your blog til just recently (so sorry). Anyway, the baby is now almost 4 months old and I have gained back what I lost after she was born. I am planning to start a new blog for my weight loss and I would love to join the linky if you choose to start it up again. ( I know what it is like to have a linky with no interest).

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