Weekly Wrap-Up: The first one of 2018

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Welcome to the first Weekly Wrap-Up of 2018! You know, because I was a total slacker last week and didn’t get one posted. Since I failed to put a date in the last wrap-up for when we’d resume and my husband was off for a vacation week, I decided I’d just start back up this week. If you had a post ready last week, feel free to go ahead and link it up.

We’ve had a pretty good week. Monday started with freezing rain that caused a 35-car pile up that shut down the interstate. Luckily, Brian and Josh were both off so they were home and Brianna didn’t have to go into work until later.

My outside kitty surveying the world from her heated cat house

The temps never got above freezing last week, we had freezing rain on Monday, and Wednesday was in the mid-60’s. Welcome to winter in the South! It’s just crazy, y’all. We’re supposed to be in the 50’s and 60’s for a few days, then back to below freezing for a while. I’m ready for spring!

Of course, spring means I’ll also have to be ready for a wedding, so I don’t know how ready I really am. We have a meeting coming up soon with a photographer and we’re going to have a meeting with the folks who are helping with the wedding next Thursday to try to nail down details. Hopefully, we can pull this thing off with my sanity and Brianna’s still intact. Hopefully.

Megan was excited to learn this week that she’ll be able to keep her job as a permanent employee. (She was hired for seasonal.) She really loves her job, so I’m happy for her.

She’s trying some new things for school this semester. We’re using WriteShop’s video program and she’s giving Khan Academy a try for history and science. We’re hoping that’s going to work well for her.

The first day of school. She looks thrilled. Doesn’t she look thrilled?

Josh is adjusting to doing school and working 3rd shift. I am so thankful that he is such a self-motivated learner. I was going to give the kids Monday off of school since it’s was Brian’s last day of vacation, but Josh wanted to go ahead and do some work so he’d be ahead in case he struggled to stay on top of things this week.

He’s been getting up in the afternoons and pulling out his books with no prompting from me. If he didn’t look just like Brian, I might start to wonder if he’s really my kid. {grin}

I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I don’t think I was keeping my niece regularly when I scheduled it because I’m certain I wouldn’t have knowingly scheduled it on a day when I would have her. {grin}

I <3 these two.

I called Megan into service. She went with me and kept B busy in the waiting room while I had my appointment. The stars must have been aligned because the office wasn’t busy. I found a good parking place; the doctor’s office had a TV with cartoons and a play area since they see kids, too; and the doctor was on time so my appointment was over quickly.

We all survived. We decided to celebrate our success with some Chick-fil-A because, well, Chick-fil-A.

Megan’s cat, Sassy – there has never been a more fitting name for a cat in the history of the world.

I think the weekend should be pretty low-key. That’s my favorite kind. Now, I’m off to get it started! Have a great one, y’all!

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  1. Oh I am so glad you are back! I read a post you wrote in December where you were thinking about stopping the weekly wrapup link up. Then when you did not post last week, I was sure you had stopped. I am just so glad you are continuing – I love reading your wrap ups!

  2. Happy New Year! Love the heated cat house. Let us know how those new things work out for your daughter’s school work. Always looking for another possibility to keep in mind.

  3. Oh! freezing rain… We love rain but ours is not freezing. Your daughter looks thrilled alright! *wink wink… haha.
    That’s one thing I love about my older children, the helpfulness. So glad your daughter could help you out!
    God bless you!

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