Weekly Wrap-Up: The one in which being back to school was more relaxing than break week

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! And, a happy Friday, indeed. This week has been much more relaxing than last, which is crazy considering that last week was a break week. Sometimes routine is nice.

I was supposed to report for jury duty on Monday, but I was excused due to the fact that I’m the primary teacher in a homeschool. To thank my kids for getting me out of jury duty (I’ve served 2 or 3 other times already), I took them to lunch. Brian was off, so he joined us. It was a pleasant way to start the week.

Somehow, I got talked into taking two teenagers to the mall Wednesday evening after Megan’s photography class. She and her BFF wanted to go shopping with their birthday money. Then, it wound up being three teenagers and a young adult since Josh and Brianna wanted to go, too.


She loved her birthday gift from Brian and I – her very own personal case of glass-bottled Cokes from Mexico. Not only does the glass bottle make them taste better (according to Megan), but they’re made with real sugar.

While we were at the mall, Brian, who was at home, called to say that LensCrafters had left a message saying my glasses were in. The thought had crossed my mind to check on them while I was at the mall, but I just knew they wouldn’t be back so soon.

I dropped them off last Friday to have the lenses replaced. I had given progressive lenses a try, but I was tired of feeling like there was nowhere I could look that wasn’t blurry.

I have never been so happy to have a pair of glasses in my life. I can see again – in any direction I look! I loved the frames, so it was really frustrating to be so unhappy with the lenses. The kids made fun of me for being so excited. They’ll understand someday.

On Thursday, Megan went to Zoo Atlanta with her BFF. I’ve never been there, so I was excited for her to get to go. She had a fantastic time.

Today, we’ll have our mini-co-op government class. It’s going well, and I think the moms are enjoying ConLit as much as (or more than) the teens. It’s very interesting and we’re learning as much as they are. It’s on sale for 20% off right now if you’re interested.

Last Sunday something really cool happened – Josh and Megan were both on the youth worship team together! Megan sang and Josh played guitar. One of his two BFFs was on drums, too. Megan’s BFF got some pictures for me.


photo credit

That’s Megan, obviously, on the left and Josh behind her.

Don’t miss my article at Simple Homeschool this week, It’s Okay to Say No. You can also find me at About.com sharing 3 Practical Ways to Become a Better Homeschooling Teacher.

That’s it for me this week. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching your children worship together is there? Gary is a worship leader and has just started including Thomas and Charlotte in his worship band. It is incredibly special. I offered my services as a singer but funnily enough was turned down…..

  2. My kids were walking past as I was reading this, and they stopped and asked me who “that girl was.” I told them who she was, and my daughter said, “She got Coca Cola for her birthday? Wow. She must REALLY like soda.” I think my 14 yr old would also like that because that’s her favorite soda and she has an odd obsession with Mexico… How was Zoo Atlanta? My sister and brother-in-law and my niece and her family all just moved to Dallas, GA last year, which I think is pretty close to Atlanta. My niece has three kids, so I think they’d love to visit there. Glad you had a good week!

    1. Yeah, I probably should have included the fact that those particular Cokes are a little hard to find. There is one store that typically stocks them, but we don’t go there often. When we found that Costco sells them by the case, we knew we had to get her a case for her birthday.

      They loved the zoo. I haven’t seen pictures yet since they got home kind of late last night, but they took LOTS of them.

  3. I had the same problem with progressive lenses with my second pair. It really depends on how high the index is for your lenses – the higher the index, the higher the quality of the lens. My first pair of progressives had top of the line lenses (I didn’t realize this until I bought the second pair) and I never had any problems with blurriness. I didn’t even get out of the store when I picked up the second pair because I couldn’t turn my head without getting nauseous whenever I put them on. I had them replace the lenses with the better ones and have not had a problem with them since.

  4. I tried progressive lenses too, and HATED them. No matter where I was looking everything was fuzzy. The gal said “you just need to learn to point your chin at what you’re looking at.” Kinda hard to do when you’re driving on the interstate and point my chin means I’m looking at the ceiling, ahem. I was thrilled to get my regular old lenses back.

    1. Thanks. I’ve been away from home most of the day, so I didn’t catch it. The user has been blocked and the link deleted. Thanks for the heads-up.

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