Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with my first grand-dog

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! How’s your week been? Ours has been eventful. The highlight is that I’m now a grandma (Nannie) – to my first grand-dog. {grin}

We finally relented a few weeks ago and told Brianna that she could get her own dog. She found her puppy on Wednesday. She’s a 6-week-old shepherd mix named Belle (Brianna’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast), though Brian and I – and even Brianna – have been guilty of calling her Bella, so that may be what she winds up being called.

Isn’t she adorable?


She’s got really big feet, so I’m thinking we may be in trouble. She’s probably going to be a big dog. That’s really okay, though. I like big dogs and so does Brianna.

Aunt Megan has been all too happy to puppy-sit while Brianna is at work. Even Uncle Josh has jumped in to help. We’re trying to make sure we split Bella-Belle’s (what I’ve been calling her) time fairly evenly between us so that she bonds with Brianna as her main person and not one of us.


She’s got a super-sweet personality. So far the cats aren’t terribly impressed (except Gus who never gets upset about anything) and Peanut is having a hard time, which surprised me. He hasn’t been aggressive at all, but his anxiety is through the roof. He drools like a drippy faucet whenever the puppy is around. I sincerely hope he adjusts soon because not only do I feel sorry for him, but that’s just really, really gross.


It’s our first week of Christmas break so we’re off until after New Year’s. That made it the perfect time to get a puppy since we’ll have time for everyone to adjust before we’re back to school.

We did manage to get our Christmas tree up last weekend – but it still doesn’t have a single ornament on it. {sigh} Well, that’s not entirely true. There is one ornament that accidentally got left on it last year.


I got the majority of the kids’ Christmas presents ordered last weekend, too. Bella-Belle is Brianna’s Christmas present, along with her puppy necessities shopping spree and her first vet visit in a couple of weeks. Brianna said that’s the best present ever.

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Now, I’m off to play with a puppy. I may not get much accomplished today.

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  1. Oh, she’s adorable! My kids want a dog in the worst way, but our three cats have never been around a dog, and one of our cats is super crabby, so I don;t know if it would work out. Enjoy your grandpuppy and your weekend!

    1. Thanks! I think she’s adorable – and if being grandma to human babies is this much fun, I’m looking forward to it! I love being able to play with and love on the puppy then give her back to her mama and go to bed without listening to her whine all night! LOL

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