Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with knives and extended summer

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week. It’s been another rough one here. Not with homeschooling. Just life stuff. I mean, I’m sure it’s tame compared to what others are dealing with and it’s not been as bad as some of the stuff we’ve dealt with in recent months, but it still hasn’t been my favorite week ever.

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been rather quiet on the blog this week, that’s why. Monday, I decided that we all needed a mental health break. Brian was off, so we all went to lunch together, except Brianna, who had to work.

Then, we went and did a little shopping since Josh and Megan needed some cooler weather clothes. You know, in anticipation of the cooler weather that should be here now but isn’t but surely will be eventually.


What happens when someone leaves the laundry room door open. Goofy cat.

We’ve still got our windows and doors open during the day and are running our air conditioning at night. It’s too hot to sleep without it. It’s still hitting the 80’s every day. I’m not complaining because I love the weather. It’s just crazy. And, we could desperately use some rain.

On the school front, it’s pretty much been the usual routine. It occurred to me a couple of days ago, that I try – and fail – each week to find a way to make “the kids did their own math, grammar, science, and history” sound interesting, but I haven’t been telling you about the ways they’re following their own interests.


Megan’s Halloween make-up. She did it herself.

Josh has developed an interest in throwing knives – like competition throwing. He hasn’t been in a competition yet, but he bought some throwing knives and a couple of weeks ago, he and a friend built a target. I was really impressed with the detail they put into the target. It has a metal handle for easy portability and a rope, secured with metal eyes, for hanging.

I’m not going to lie. If it was me, it would have just been the wooden frame. Okay, if it had been me, it would have just been a flat board I bought for cheap at the hardware store.

Josh has gotten pretty good and is starting to investigate local competition options. People have asked me if it doesn’t make me nervous with him throwing knives, but he’s almost 17 and it seems relatively safe as long as people aren’t doing something stupid like standing behind the target or in the throwing area.


My husband had to have some unexpected work done on his car this week, requiring leaving it at the shop overnight and all of the following day. Can I just say how nice it is to have multiple drivers with their own vehicles? Josh was able to follow Brian to the shop to leave his car and drive him back to pick it up. My fellow introverted homebodies will understand the significance of that.

Thankfully, the fix wasn’t terribly expensive. I mean, it wasn’t cheap – car stuff never is – but it wasn’t ungodly either.


One of my favorite pictures ever of Chloe. She’s sitting in my great-grandmother’s rocking chair.

I may wind up having a Saturday morning at home alone. Maybe. The boys are going to play paintball with a group of men from church. I think Megan is spending the night with a friend (though they may wind up here) and Brianna is spending the weekend with a friend.

I think I may just sit and enjoy the complete silence for a couple of hours or maybe I’ll use the time to count down the days until my weekend retreat with friends. I look so forward to that every year. It’s so refreshing!

Next week, the girls and I are heading back to the Kennesaw Museum of History and Holocaust Education. Josh didn’t want to go this time, so we’ll be having a girls’ day. It should be fun.

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  1. One of our cats likes to sleep on our clothes, too! Cats are so funny. Megan’s makeup looks awesome! My 14 yr old also likes to do makeup like that. On Monday, she made herself look like the flesh was rotting off her face. It was quite gross, especially since once it was on for awhile pieces of her “flesh” started falling off, and I kept finding it everywhere. Anyway, I hope next week goes better for you!

    1. Ewww…finding “flesh” everywhere. That makes me laugh. I can see one or more of my kids doing something like that.

  2. Our week sounds similar to yours. We’re tomahawk throwers – quite the thrill. Vehicle problems? Yep, the van doors fell off. And trying to wrap-up the schooly part of the week in an interesting way – some weeks are more of a challenge than others.

    I’ve really been enjoying this linkup, and have found some new blogs to follow. Thanks.

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