Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the pre-prom rush

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week. It’s been another busy one here, but not for the usual reasons – we’ve been putting together last-minute details for prom.

Yes, homeschoolers have prom. No, it is not held in our living room.

This year, it’s being held at a local children’s museum, which all the prom goers outgrew years ago, but which everyone, adults and teens alike, agrees is a really cool venue for prom.

Now, when I say “last-minute details” you probably assumed I meant putting the finishing touches on things. No, I mean I am a terrible, terrible procrastinator. We went shopping Sunday afternoon for a shirt, tie, and vest for Josh. We found the shirt and tie, but no vest.

We were checking around on that when Brian and Josh decided to visit Brian’s parents. It just so happened that they had a brand-new suit that had been purchased awhile back, but never worn that would fit Josh with minimal alterations. He was really excited because he had really wanted to wear a suit.

Meanwhile, back home, Megan was asked to prom by her best friend-who’s-a-boy, after his parents cleared it with me and Brian since the boy, who is also one of Josh’s two best friends, is a senior this year, so a bit older than Megan. He’s also one of the 3 kids that I love like my own, so we were completely okay with it.

So, Monday afternoon we went shopping for a prom dress. Procrastination pays off because we found a beautiful dress for Megan on sale for 40% off. (Except, technically it wasn’t procrastination on my part.) The bonus is that it’s black and white, so it made it easy for her friend-date to coordinate on short notice.

Brianna had some shoes that went nicely with the dress (not surprising since she has a thing for shoes), so we didn’t have to worry about that. And, Brianna was supposed to work today, but she wound up being off, so she will be available to do Megan’s hair and make-up and that of her BFF (the one who’s a girl, not the one she’s going to prom with). The benefits of having a licensed cosmetologist in the house.

Megan’s girl BFF also happens to be dating Josh’s other BFF, so they’re going to prom, too. Josh is going with his female BFF, and her sister is going, too, so it should be a fabulous time for them all with a big group of friends going.

We managed to squeeze in some school with all that, too. It was enough to give me a headache, from Greek letters mixed in with the numbers and letters in Josh’s math:

Greek letters in math

…to stick figures, stair steps, and curvy words in Megan’s English:

Stick figures in English

…it was enough to give me a headache. It’s a good thing my superpower is homeschooling. {grin}

I have also started walking with my sister a couple of days a week. The hills in our neighborhood is no joke, y’all. According to my Fitbit, I climbed 26 flights of stairs on our walk.

I know I owe y’all and Mercy House a 5K. I will do it! Until I do, my fundraiser will stay open, so I’d love for you to help me help Mercy House.

Today is hair and make-up, picking up corsages and boutonnieres, and pictures. Plus, I need to get groceries somewhere in there. I think I’m going to be very happy to see Saturday arrive – and I hope it’s filled with happy, lifetime memories for each of these teens that I care so much about.

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    1. I hope he has fun! We weren’t going to let Megan go this year because she’s a bit young…but since the kid I love like another son asked, we decided it would be okay. 🙂

  1. So far, my daughter has no interest in attending prom, which is a good thing because the only homeschool prom that I know of is more than an hour away in Harrisburg, and I really do not like driving in big cities. She did go to homecoming at the local high school after a friend broke up with her boyfriend and didn’t want to go by herself. And, oh, that picture of sentence diagramming made me cringe! I am sooo happy my kids’ books do not include those. I’d probably skip them if they did. 😉

  2. It sounds like Megan had a great prom night! It can definitely be stressful to get everything ready in time; you guys are lucky you have a cosmetologist at your right hand! Great post! Thanks so much for sharing!

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