Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with a robot, a compass, and a photography classes

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. We have had one of those really awesome homeschool weeks that make you glad you’re homeschooling.

It hasn’t been any one spectacular thing, but just a bunch of little moments where the kids are excited about what they’re learning and, for those fleeting moments, actual school resembles the idyllic version that resides in my daydreams.

I wasn’t sure about the week on Monday when my teens were complaining about doing school on a holiday. I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will be no complaining next Monday, the first day of our first break week, when they’re off, and their friends are at school, but that didn’t matter this Monday when it was a regular school day for us.

After a bit of grumbling, we got the day started without much more complaining. We received Q the Robot for a review project the previous week. Josh was my guinea pig for this one – but a willing subject.

He got started on the Q project Monday afternoon and couldn’t put it down until it was completed. It turned out really cool – even the dog enjoyed it. I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


On Tuesday, we got the brand-new set of U.S. maps from Pin-It Maps, which we’ll also be reviewing. We love their products and this new set looks just as amazing as their others.


Wednesday was an exciting, busy day. Megan started Experience Astronomy this week and the first project was to make a compass. I was envisioning a magnetized needle on a piece of cork, but no. This was pieces of wood stuck into the ground at high noon (which, incidentally, isn’t until nearly 2 p.m. at our house during Daylight Savings Time). It was interesting.


Afterward, I took Megan to a local photography class for homeschoolers that I just found out about last Sunday. I happened to be scrolling through Facebook and the instructor had posted about it in one of the homeschool Facebook groups I’m on. It sounded interesting to both me and Megan and the price was reasonable, so I signed her up.


She loved it! I hope it continues to capture her enthusiasm because she really does have an eye for composition and makes some amazing, artsy photos with just her phone. I’m excited to see what she can learn to do with a good camera – you know, my camera. The one I wouldn’t have let her touch a few years ago, but have now pretty much given her free rein over.

And, as seems to happen nearly every week now, when I was helping Josh with algebra this week, one of the concepts that I’ve been having trouble helping him with because it didn’t make sense to me finally clicked! That’s exciting because I always considered myself math-challenged. Those personal ah-ha moments learning alongside my kids feel pretty good.

Plus, once I really understand something, I can help my kids understand it, too. Now, if I can just hold on to it long enough to help Megan with it when she gets there.


In sad news, I found out this week that my beloved Chick-fil-A is closing for 4-6 weeks for remodeling. How will I survive, y’all?? There is another one not too far away, but their tea isn’t as good. I’m not sure I’m going to make it. (Though it occurs to me, based on the level of desperation this closure causes in me, that this might help on the weight-loss front.)

Speaking of the weight-loss front, I lost 3.4 lbs. this week. It’s a good thing because I was not feeling very charitable toward Weight Watchers. I knew I was going to have to make some changes and cut back on my tea, but the Smart Points system seems very restrictive for an “all things in moderation” kind of girl. I may or may not have quit counting my two servings of sweet tea each day just to make my points balance not look so pitiful. {ahem}

Still, I shall bash on and try to get my weight back to a healthy range.

Before I go, I want to point out a couple of things. First, if you’ve been thinking about online curriculum, check out the details on how you can try Monarch free for 30 days.

Second, if the idea of homeschooling high school has you stressed, don’t miss this week’s article at About.com, Course Requirements for Homeschooling High School.

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  1. Oh, well done for your weight loss! Yay 🙂 And I’m so pleased your guys are so excited about their work. It really does make for a great week when one’s children are enjoying what they are doing 😉

  2. I love those aha maths moments too. Not sure how I’ll do as my kids get older but I’m looking forward to giving it a go! You sound like you’re on a roll with your term and your two homeschoolers are getting stuck into some really interesting projects. We just started this week … so far so good, hurray. Have a great weekend, Kris.

  3. We made a backyard compass when studying astronomy a few years ago, although we used a different curriculum. Really interesting, and the cement tiles we used to mark out the compass points are still out there for reference. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a good week. I’m clawing my way above the water finally after a month of classes and posted about all 4 weeks this week. I never could get it done before Tuesday before, and just gave up, but this time, I got it done! My kids are learning US Geography as their additional work and we’re doing the states in alphabetical order. They’re having a lot of fun learning about the states and doing silly art projects– they’re designed their own soda (a nod to Coke in Atlanta) and their own vending machines—courtesy of french fry vending in an Idaho airport. We even watched an old friend of mine open the first Pizza ATM in the U.S. — online of course! But still pretty neat.

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