Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the weird space-time continuum thing

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Except it’s probably going to be late Saturday night or even Sunday or Monday before you read this. There really was a ripple in the space-time continuum (more on that in a second).

See, my site had to be moved to a new server on Thursday and thanks to a little glitch that I’m not going to get into because I’m just so glad it’s fixed, I was the only one on the planet who could see the Weekly Wrap-Up that I posted Friday morning. Ugh!

After a very stressful Saturday fighting with my computer to fix it, I finally got it straightened out, so now, on to the Weekly Wrap-Up (as written Friday morning), just a couple of days late.

Have you had an amazing week? I certainly can’t complain, you know since it was the first week of our summer break and all. It’s been busy, but also surprisingly relaxing.

Plus, an amazing thing happened this week. Many of you may not have even realized that there was some weird ripple in the space-time continuum. You see, there is no way that I am old enough to have a 21-year-old daughter, but I do. So, there you go. Proof of a ripple.

Yes, my first-born turned 21 yesterday. That absolutely blows my mind because I still remember the events surrounding her birthday as if they were yesterday. Well, okay, maybe last week. It has been 21 years after all.

cheese triangles

We went to the same restaurant and had the Greek salad and tiropitakia for her birthday lunch. Yum!

I can tell you what I ate for dinner the night before (a filet mignon with a  baked potato, a Greek salad,  tiropitakia, and a Coke), the events leading up to our departure for the hospital, and I can even recount the doctor’s funny quip about not being able to come catch a baby because he was on the golf course. (He wasn’t. It was 3 in the morning.)

I could regale you for hours with stories about this first-born kid of mine. I could tell you about four grown adults playing Ring Around the Rosie in the front yard with her or her first trip to Disney (she was 6 weeks old – yes, weeks).

I could tell you how proud I am of her or how much I love her. But you could probably already figure that out, so instead I’ll just try to convince you that I am really way too young to have a 21-year-old daughter.

Other than Brianna’s birthday, the only noteworthy happenings around here were a sick kid and a lock-in.

Gerbera daisies

I finally found some Gerbera daisies that didn’t require a visit to the florist!

Megan was the sick kid. We have no idea what made her sick and, thankfully, it was short-lived, but it did make her miss a lock-in at the local indoor trampoline park. I’m not going to lie and say I was too upset about that. I really despise boy/girl lock-ins and every adult I’ve talked to feels the same way.

I scoped this one out ahead of time, though and it did sound like it was going to be well-supervised/chaperoned. Josh and one of his buddies did go and didn’t report any problems, so I’m sure it would have been fine, but still.

She might as well have gone since she was literally up all night and was still awake when the boys got home at 7 a.m. yesterday. Being sick and sleeping most of the day before will do that to you. Camp is the week after next, so that should shock everyone back into a regular sleep schedule, at least for a little while.

wedding view

We enjoyed a gorgeous view at the wedding venue.

Oh, and we attended an out-of-town wedding last weekend. The venue was gorgeous! The wedding should have been my first clue about the space-time continuum thing since it was a cousin’s (who feels more like a niece) wedding. She and her twin sister were the trigger for Brianna’s birth.

Brian and I went to see them shortly after they were born and decided that we needed one of those. {grin} They are a year and 3 weeks older than Brianna.

I did share a post over at About.com on Wednesday, featuring some family-friendly, fun, educational summer vacation ideas. If you need them.

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. I thought that maybe you’d decided to take a break from the linkup for the summer. 🙂 Happy birthday to your daughter, and I am right there wilth you on the space-time continuum thing because we just celebrated two of my kids’ birthdays yesterday, one of whom was my youngest who turned three. Three! This is the first time in over 17 years that I have not had a baby in the house!

  2. I just love Greek food. Moussaka is my favourite. Sounds like a fun week. What a lovely picture of the wedding venue, I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

    Thanks for hosting!

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