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I’m not sure I remember much of this week. It seems to have gone by in a blur, though we haven’t had much going on.  We’ve been busy getting back into the regular swing of school after having spent the last few weeks learning about France for Around the World Day.  Last year, we took the week after ATWD off.  I wish I’d scheduled that again this year.  As it is, we haven’t even tried to do history or science this week because I just wasn’t prepared to switch gears that fast.  Next week, Josh and Megan will be resuming history with Story of the World and we’ll all begin working our way through Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.

On Monday, Brianna started her Twilight-based study, which she’s enjoying, but she feels overwhelmed with work.  I made today a half-day, catch-up kind of day.  I needed the time to do some planning for the next few weeks and, in a little while, Brianna and I will be having a parent/teacher/student conference (I’ll be the parent/teacher, in case you wondered) about her work load.  I think I’m going to be dropping a couple of things and adding some expectations in other areas, but I also want to see if we can figure out why she’s feeling so overwhelmed and see what steps we can take to rectify that.

Tuesday.  Tuesday was a horrible day — well, not really a horrible day, but it contained a horrible moment — but it ultimately taught me a valuable lesson about God’s love and our impact potential as the hands and feet of that love.  I had a horrible mom-moment.  Short story, Megan, carelessly, but accidentally, spilled an entire cup of lemonade on the kitchen table, which happened to be where Brianna’s schoolwork was sitting, including her rather pricey Teaching Textbooks pre-Algebra book.

I had one of those mom-tantrums (please tell me that you’ve had them, too) and ultimately broke the cup — Megan’s favorite.  From Disney.  That she drinks from every time it’s clean.  That’s not sold anywhere but the Disney parks.  *sigh*  Immediately, as soon as it was broken, I was sitting in the floor, in a puddle of lemonade, crying with Megan over the cup and how I had crushed Megan’s feelings.

I started making phone calls and sending emails.  Did my mom bring any extras back?  No.  My aunt?  No.  My sister?  No.  A new friend in our homeschool group who went the week before us?  Yes.  She brought back five of them and I was welcome to one, if I needed it.  More waterworks from me.  Just a simple act from someone who doesn’t know me especially well showed me how much God loves me even when I’m being unlovable and how He cares for all my little things.  I was overwhelmed and blessed beyond measure by God’s love and a friend’s willingness to give.

You never know how a simple act of kindness is going to affect someone else.  Something so small and simple can speak volumes to someone about God’s love.  Remember to pay it forward as often as you can. God’s love, mercy and grace are often shown through our little acts of kindness.

Wednesday was a better day.  We had music, of course — only two more weeks to go before we’re off until January!!  I’m ready for a break from outside commitments.  Wednesday was also a gorgeous, sun-shiny, mild, perfect day for a nature walk…so we went to Target instead!  I don’t know why, but none of us were in the mood for a trip to the nature study this week.  Since I want it to be something we do because we enjoy it and not because we have to, we skipped it this week.

The rest of the week has been pretty mundane for us.  I don’t even have any good pictures or exciting  links to share…but give me time.  I’m gearing up for a much more interesting week next week.  I’ve already done some planning, with a bit more to do this weekend, along with a trip to the library and the store for needed supplies.

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Unfortunately, I've had more than my share of Mom-tantrums. It sounds like you made it right, though. Isn't it hard to be a mom sometimes, I struggle with this mightily. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I've had mom-tantrums too. It feels awful too.

    I love the Twilight Unit study you posted this week! Now my girls just need to get older… 8 and almost 4 is really too young, don't you think?

  3. (((Hugs))) Me have a mommy tantrum? N..I mean OH YEAH!

    We are only human. And if nothing else these moments clearly show that we too are sinners and how to apologize. I always make sure to apologize, not only to the person that I hurt, but to our Heavenly Father. In the end, asking God for forgiveness is the behavior I'd like to my kids to emulate from my less-than-stellar moments.

  4. Yeah, 8 and almost 4 are probably too young. 😉

    Thanks, Christi and Tristan, for the commiseration on the mom-tantrum moments.

  5. I've had a few of those tantrums too… they're the pits. I have vivid memories of a day when my Mom had a mom-tantrum, with plenty of goading from me. We had a few porcelain dolls my great grandmother made. Most were already broken by this point, and our mutual tantrum culminated in her throwing the last one on the floor. Shattered. Tiny pieces. We both cried. When I look at that memory now, I have a bit of regret for my own contribution: I said some nasty nasty things. And I regret the loss of the heirloom. But I'm not mad at Mom. There's no lasting damage to the relationship. Sounds like you did the right thing in fixing it. It'll blow over.

  6. Sorry you had such a rough start to your week. I would have been so mad about the textbook. Glad things got better and you found another cup for your daughter.
    I sometimes have a parent/teacher/student meeting with my oldest. It helps to get her input!

  7. I miss my weekly wrap-ups, I have just barely been keeping up with reviews and life lately! I do still read now and then though . . .

    I can relate to the mom-tantrums, and the sweet connection afterwards as we all recognize our daily need for grace and continual construction from God. Glad things worked out in the end, what a blessing!

    Also, can relate to the joy of December off of outside commitments. It doesn't seem like we do too much, but I am really yearning for those few weeks of "nothing." Of course, it is December, so I'm sure to fill it with lots of holiday prep, but that will be HOME, together.

  8. My week seemed like a blur too, the days all melted into one another.

    I'm sorry for your mom tantrum. YES! I've had them too. More often then I care to admit. But it sounds like you were able to turn it into a teachable moment and make amends. That is SO important and you are teaching her how to humbly ask for forgiveness- a very important character trait.

    And yes, mercy, what a perfect illustration for God's grace!

  9. I can only add to what the other ladies said. I have had my share of these as well. My voice raises high very easily and it is already high pitched. I almost had one of those this week myself. Fortunately It did not get too bad. I certainly would have done the same if I were in your position. Fortunately these are time when we see God's love and forgiveness, and times when we see our need of him even stronger. I am glad everything worked out.

  10. Uggh, I can sympathize with the mom-tantrum. I think it is important,though, that our kids see that we can do wrong and make it right and get forgiveness. Because we do mess up, we can show them that we all need God's grace. And I think when they see us ready to admit that we can't do things in our own strength, they will be more willing to turn to God for strength to do what's right themselves.

    I like your idea of a parent/teacher/student meeting. I think I need to do that with my eldest!

  11. I'm guilty of mom-tantrums as well. I'm glad you were able to replace the cup and reconcile the situation.

    Totally looking forward to a commitment free December as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I know we have all been there, and done something equally as selfish. I don't even want to try to count how many times I have acted like a spoiled brat. Thank God for His grace and mercy!

  13. Oh goodness, I definitely have had my share of mom-tantrums. You wouldn't know it IRL because I am soft spoken, but I have some pipes to yell. Let me tell ya!

    I hate when I have my own tantrums because I hate the ugliness. Yes, my boys definitely see me model how to ask for forgiveness when I blow it… Reconcilliation too. Sigh. Being a mom is just tough sometimes.

  14. I struggle with those mom-moments, and have probably had more than my share in the three months that we've been homeschooling. I'm finding that I have to do a little triage and then remove myself from the situation for a moment or two…sort of a mommy time out. It gives me a moment to pray and ask forgiveness both from God and the child I've hurt.

  15. Thank you for posting about this week. I have only barely started homeschooling (used very loosely right now) my two year old but I enjoy reading about how the less than perfect weeks go because it is nice to read just how flexible homeschooling can be.

    Mom-tantrum? Yup – I have them too. On the one hand I wish I didn't have them. On the other hand (maybe it is just me rationalizing that they're ok now and then), I think it is good for children to see that we can become upset but still love them afterwards.

  16. thanks for sharing about the mom-tantrum. we all like to write about the good things, but it is difficult to write about the ugly. it is so easy for us as bloggers to unintentionally paint a rosier-than-reality picture of our lives… after all, we enjoy writing about the good things, but who really wants to write about the ugly? it is too risky, it makes us vulnerable, and we'd just as soon forget about it anyway…

    but we all struggle with ugly and we all need to know that others do to. i can spend only so much time in happy-rosy blogland and i am always glad when a blog post spills a little bit of "real".

    i love it that God provided another cup for megan. and of course he did that not just for her but for *you*. how gracious he is with us!

  17. Oh boy, yes I've had mommy tantrums. It seems that in the beginning every Monday the boys and I would each have one. It was hard for all of us getting into a new routine.

    We still have them from time to time


  18. I have had my FAIR share of mommy tanstrums….sigh. I only wish that it wasn't so, but I am so very thankful for the grace of God and His love and forgiveness!

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