Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Renewed Motivation

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Can I confess something? I’m feeling a little blah today and I’m not sure why. It’s Friday and I actually get a date with my husband tonight. There’s nothing to feel blah about. I think it must be the cold, dreary weather.

It’s been a good, productive week and we’re halfway through our first six weeks of the year, which, by the way, means we’ve only got three weeks until our first break week of the year. I am loving this six weeks on/one week off schedule!

01.21.13 Collage

Monday was a beautiful, sunny day. We spent time working on science with Paths of Progress using The World of Tools and Technology. This book has been a painful reminder to me that I am not good at paper-folding things. {grin}

The little cup-looking thing is one of the things Josh made on a recent trip to the forge. He’s only got 4 or 5 weeks left in his Lexercise treatment. Did you see my post on the progress he’s made with their online dyslexia treatment? I am so pleased!

01.22.13 Collage

The kids and I have been enjoying digging into Revelation…and they enjoyed digging into some cheese pizza. Tuesday is pizza day at our house. I used to put their pizza together myself with a crust mix and store-bought pizza sauce, but they like the Costco brand better. That works for me! It’s about the same price and much easier for me. Tuesday is quinoa bowl day for me.

We’ve also been enjoying learning about composers and classical music with The Story of the Orchestra and Greek root words with Rummy Roots. I just love how well-rounded the books in the Trail Guide series are!

01.23.13 Collage

Wednesday, the kids were working on expository paragraphs while the fur-babies were enjoying the sunshine. Check out the photo on the bottom left! Three of them can actually share the dog bed now. When we got Luna (the tortoiseshell cat), we had commented that she matched Peanut (the smaller dog). We didn’t realize that she matches Penny, too. They all kind of blend in together.

She the sister love in the other photo? Isn’t the kitty-hug sweet? Yeah, they were just holding onto each other to make the attack easier. {grin} They really do like each other, though, and get along well…but fighting is fun, too.

01.24.13 Collage

Thursday, I only remembered to take one photo, but it was a good one! I ran 8 miles Thursday morning! That’s the longest I’ve run in a long time and I felt great! I was just exhilarated when I got home – bouncing around and not tired at all.

I think that mostly came from my change in attitude. I’ve really had trouble with my motivation lately. I’m supposed to be training for a half-marathon with a friend, but I’ve really been slacking. I hadn’t signed up for the race because I was waiting until closer to time to see if I was really going to do it.

I got out there Thursday morning and about halfway through my first mile, my motivation came screaming back. I decided that I was not going home until my Garmin showed 8 miles, even if I had to walk the last two miles.

I also decided that I was going to do the half-marathon if I had to walk half of it. Because I’ve been slacking a bit on my running, I decided to alternate running one mile, walking a quarter of a mile. It worked great! I had enough left to run the last quarter mile, rather than walk it, with a little sprint toward the end and I felt like I could have kept going.

I came home and paid my entry fee for the half-marathon and I’m really exited about it!

And, tonight it’s a date night. Brian and I haven’t had one of those in forever. We probably won’t do anything terribly exciting, but it will be fun just to get out alone together.

Have you got any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. Enjoy your date night!

    I’ve given up on ever running a marathon (I’m kind of in awe of you here), but I did buy the Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred to torture myself with over the next few months. I am now stalking the mailman.

    1. I don’t know that I’ll ever run a full marathon. I run so slow that the training would take forever. I’d like to, though. I haven’t given up the idea. I liked the 30 Day Shred. Hope you do, too!

  2. Have a great date night! 🙂 Way to go on your motivation with the half-day marathon! Your week looks great, as usual. For us this weekend, nothing out of the ordinary. Hubby works on Saturday, so I’ll get household stuff done. Sunday will be church and my sons and hubby want to watch the pro-Bowl football game. 🙂 It’s snowing and quite cold here in PA, so no outdoors for us today, either. Hope your weekend is blessed. Thanks for hosting.

    1. Did you enjoy your date night? We came home shamefully early, but it was cold and rainy and after dinner and a little shopping we decided we’d rather come home and just watch some TV or play games together. I guess we’re getting boring in our old age. Oh, well. As long as we enjoy the same kind of boring together, I guess we’re okay. 🙂

  3. You really inspire me. I’ve committed to running a 5 K at the beginning of March and I haven’t even run a 1 K or a .1 K so I am nervous. This week, you and your transformation the last few years has come to mind and I have run just a tiny bit like parking farther away and running in. It’s a start!

    Glad to hear that your motivation is back!

  4. We love Kirkland pizza too…my boys think it is the best. Love that they are not picky. 🙂

    Way to go with the half marathon! You can do it Kris!

    And those photos of the kittens hugging, priceless!
    Thanks Kris.

  5. Congratulations on your mileage! I know what you mean, I am trying hard to get back into the swing of things after the Holiday binge. I think next year, I will have to maintain some type of activity and not take the whole 3 weeks off from EVERYTHING healthy. LOL! Way to go!

  6. Thanks for hosting the link-up, Kris. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a long while and I’ve finally got around to linking up – thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Your week sounds fun. I hope your date night went well.
    And I too am amazed that you are running a marathon. That is awesome.


  8. Just found your blog and I have to say, thank God! I have two dyslexic girls who are 9 and 10 yrs old. I have been homeschooling for a year. I have had zero motivation to get restarted after our Christmas break. It is so difficult to teach two dyslexics who have very different learning styles. I read about your journey with dyslexia and it has helped get me back on track. I feel very alone at times. Thanks for your blog. I really needed to find someone who understood. God Bless!

    1. It can be difficult and overwhelming and frustrating. I’m glad I’ve been able to encourage you just a bit. Have you read Marianne Sunderland’s blog? (https://www.mariannesunderland.com/) Seven of her 8 kids have dyslexia and she has some wonderful tips and insights. I encourage you to check it out.

      1. Thanks so much! I have not read her blog but will check it out. I’m so thankful for any info you can give me. I’m also dyslexic and I am a product of the public school system. I know what its like and I feel that the best place for my kids is at home. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. It’s supposed to be open until Mondays at 6:00. Not sure what went wrong, but it’s fixed now, if you’d like to add your link.

    1. I found your post link for the week of the 18th. I don’t see one for last week (1/25). I didn’t delete any posts last week, so I’m not sure what happened.

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