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Thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s been a mixed week around here – mostly good, but including some “I need Valium” moments. Overall, I’m glad it’s Friday. Of course, I’m always glad it’s Friday. While I appreciate the structure and routine of our weeks, I enjoy the downtime that the weekends offer.

Monday was a regular school day for us since Brian had to work…then, there is the fact that we were just off for vacation a couple of weeks ago and we’ll have a short week next week due to Megan’s birthday (she’ll be a whole decade old next Wednesday). All that to say, we needed to get a good school day in on Monday.

We had to make some changes to the neatly-printed lesson plans in my new-and-improved mom binder due to not having some of the supplies needed for our science experiment. It wasn’t a big deal – just swapping out some history days for some science days until I could get what we needed. I love being able to be flexible.

We’ve been learning about explorers in All-American History, so I wanted to make this fun spyglass project. It was easy and we did get the spyglasses assembled, but it’s been so rainy (Thank goodness! We so needed the rain.) that we haven’t gotten them painted. I thought I’d save the photos for the finished product.

Wednesday we went out to dinner with some of the guys from Brian’s softball team. I wish I could express how much more I enjoy doing things like that now that I’m a normal size, rather than morbidly obese. I didn’t realize how much my weight was handicapping me emotionally.

We finally got the science experiment stuff together and did that Thursday. We proved that air exists even though we can’t see it because we can prove that it has mass (weight).

Our balance with uninflated balloons:

air has mass

And, again, with the balloons on one side inflated:

experiment showing that air has mass

We also went to watch Brianna play volleyball Thursday evening, which was an exercise in frustration and an event that may elicit its own blog post. For now, I’ll just suffice it to say that I find it unethical when a coach substitutes in her entire varsity team against a junior varsity team because her own JV is losing against them.

I’m just glad our coach has more integrity than that and I was proud of our girls for winning the second game against what was, by the end, an entire varsity team, and for holding their own in the tie-breaker game against these same players. I did feel rather sorry for the other team’s JV girls, who appeared very disappointed about not being able to play in what was supposed to be their game. Their parents didn’t appear to be impressed either.

Tonight is a couple of firsts: Brianna’s first homeschool dance (*sigh*) – she’s going with a group of girlfriends – and Brian’s and my first monthly date night. Josh is spending the night with a friend and Megan will be being spoiled by the grandparents. Then, tomorrow, she and I are going shopping – something she wanted to do for her birthday.

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  1. Your unmedicated friend would have put that unethical coach in her place!!

    So many exciting things going on in your house…first dance, last child to enter double digits and date night.  Many blessings to all of you!!!

  2. Your unmedicated friend and some of her fellow moms — who may or may not have been medicated — said some things loud enough to be overheard about the integrity of the situation. Some loud mention about how well our *junior* varsity girls did against their *varsity* team may have been made. And, my husband did tell someone who looked to be somewhat in charge that he felt that the coach — of a private Christian school — acted unethically.

  3. I have been so excited all week to be able to join in this linky fun. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful way for homeschoolers to be able to connect and share resources. Love the science experiment. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I posted my entry so early yesterday but then got busy and didn't link up until Saturday. Sigh. I guess I am not back in my routine yet. Thanks for hosting the wrap-up. I always enjoy reading about your weeks.

  5. Good golly, that coach would've had me mad! Not even so much for the unfairness but for the lousy example that's setting for all those girls! {deep breath, Jamie}

    ANYWAY, yay or the rain this week and yay for your date night and shopping day. 🙂

  6. WOW I think I'd write a letter to that coach's principal… that's just flat out wrong, ethically speaking.  Not to mention sportsmanship.  Yikes.  Those poor girls!  We loved watching our girls' volleyball games but sometimes the other team's lack of good sportsmanship made things difficult.  When a coach does something like that?  wow.  Glad you've got a good coach!  Good game anyway!  Sounds like your week went fairly well- much more productive than mine was! 🙂

  7. Looks like all is going well! Great science experiment. We use Time4Learning for our core curriculum and they have some neat science experiments. 

    Sorry to hear about the coach…been there a few times.  🙂   Must say your note about "date night" struck a chord in me right away. We have been trying to get around to doing just that forever. Thanks for the reminder. Best wishes for a fun and very successful school year. Joyfully,Jackiewww.quaintscribbles.wordpress.com

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