Weekly Wrap-Up: Chaos

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Remember how I was feeling so refreshed after last week and looking so forward to having a nice, planned out, organized school week?  Oh, the irony!  If I could have only one word to sum up this week it would be chaos.  It went something like this:

Monday.  We all five had dental appointments, back-to-back, in the afternoon and the grandparents wanted to pick the kids up for lunch.  So, I told everyone Sunday night that they could just do their workboxes (essentially their core, independent work) and suggested that they go ahead and work on them that night.  They went to lunch and we went to our dental appointments where we discovered that Megan had three cavities (yes, she brushes regularly, yes, I check her teeth, and, yes, we go for cleanings every six months…very frustrating!), one of which was hurting her, so that completely altered the rest of the week.

Oh, and, then, I left the dentist, rushed to the library, picked up a friend so that we could go a weight-loss meeting sponsored by our local YMCA and Chick-Fil-A (which involved FREE membership to the Y for three months).  Then, it was back home to a crock pot meal and getting everyone ready for bed.

Tuesday.  We had to be at the pediatric dentist’s office at 2:00, which, for those who know me, is right in the middle of our school day.  That meant that we had to rush around getting as much done as possible before lunch so that we could get to the dentist in the next town over by 2:00 for the consultation.    Then, it was home, tie up loose ends, complete some housework and out the door to the gym.

Wednesday.  Josh and Megan’s music classes, so always a busy, busy day.

Thursday.  Megan had to back at the pediatric dentist’s office for the actual fillings by 9:00, which, again, for those who know me, means we had to be up at the crack of dawn to get there on time.  The older kids took schoolwork and books for the two-hour wait.  Poor Megan felt awful after it was over.  I got everyone a milkshake on the way home and we spent the rest of the afternoon doctoring Megan and trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning.

We didn’t have much time, though.  Briana and I had an appointment at the Y in the early evening to begin the weight-loss (or, in Brianna’s case, the toning) program.  From there, it was rush home and head to dinner at my cousin’s house.  We got home just in time to get everyone changed and off to bed.

Friday.  Today has been spent trying to recover.  The kids were to do their workboxes and we’ve also been trying to clean up this disaster we call home.  It amazes me how much mess three kids can make without seeing that there is a mess.  It looks just fine to them.  Grrr!!  And, don’t even get me started on the mounds and mounds of laundry, which contains clothing from one kid that I’m fairly certain she hasn’t worn since the last time it was washed.

If it tells you anything, I currently have my iPod stuck in my ears with Kenny G playing, while I try to take deep, calming breaths.  Surely next week will be more settled.

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  1. Ouch! My Makayla had her first two fillings this Monday (2 more next Monday) and I have 5 to do next Monday!! (Yes, we brush too. Sigh.)

    I hear you on not fun for all that. Ugh. Hope you all have a better (more relaxed) week next week.

  2. Must be the week for dentists! We had ours as well, and similar outcome. It is sooo frustrating to have cavities to deal with when you are doing everything "right." We even switched to electric toothbrushes after the last visit. Fortunately this time it was only one of the kids and not three of the five, but still πŸ˜› I can definitely sympathize with you there.

    Next week will be your great week that this one was supposed to be, right? πŸ˜‰

  3. Kris,

    iPod, Kenny G, deep cleansing breaths and *chocolate*!!! I always need just a little something chocolate. Even just a Hershey Kiss or two is enough to make me feel all better. πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  4. G-I-R-L…I think every week I "plan" it all out, it NEVER goes as planned! (Guess that's why God gave us grace..)

    Hopefully, all will run according to plan next week!

  5. Wow, that does sound like a hectic week! I hope you have a relaxing weekend after all of that! =)

    We're doing well…just coping with homeschooling while tired and pregnant. I know we're in for a transition period after the baby comes, but I can't wait to feel physically strong again. I think I'm a better mom and teacher when I can be more active…

  6. Wow, that does sound a bit chaotic but doesn't it make you thankful to be homeschooling in weeks like that?

    It seems like it's always a roller coaster here, a chaotic week followed by a pretty peaceful one. Helps keep things in check!

  7. I haven't checked in for a while, since we took our vacation. I hope that next week is a little less busy for you.

  8. Oh, Kris! Sounds like you have had a chaotic week! So sorry you spent so much of it in a doctor's office!! We always do the dentist appointments all at once–makes for a crazy day, but at least they all get done! I hope next week will be a smooth week for you where everything goes as planned!!

  9. Poor Megan! Some people just have cavity-prone teeth – I had tons of fillings as a kid and still have to get one every few years as an adult, despite brushing religiously.

    You might consider having sealants put on her molars if she hasn't already got them. I got them for my daughter about a year ago because they worked so well for my youngest sister (the only one of the three of us who has never had a cavity). I think they cost about $40 per tooth and they only took a few minutes to put on.

  10. Oh my word… a two hour wait for her fillings??? That was awful! Glad you made it through, and I hope this week is much better for you!

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