Weekly Wrap-Up: The Colorado Edition

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I found Michelle’s post at The Homeschool Classroom on Sunday very timely. It was about taking a mental health day. I think we all need those every once in awhile. I was definitely feeling the need for one this weekend and I could tell the kids were, too. So, Monday we took off to the local children’s museum. It was especially nice since Brian was off, too.

It turned out to be a really educational day. Josh spent a lot of time experimenting with stop action animation while Brianna created a beautiful Victorian lady out of clay. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. We also enjoyed the science lesson on the body systems and one of the employees brought out a rock and fossil collection that she shared with us. How timely was that?

I had decided to go ahead and spend another week on Vikings and rocks since we were only going to have two days to spend on history and science this week. I’m glad we did. We learned a lot about Viking daily life in a book called First Facts About the Vikings by Jacqueline Morely. We also made a Viking board game called Hfneftatl. Although we haven’t played it yet, it looks like fun. It appears to be a little bit like chess. Look for more details on the game tomorrow.

viking board game

We learned a bit about Colorado today as part of our Fifty States Fridays. Did you know that Colorado was credited with the invention of the cheeseburger? My favorite bit of trivia from 50states.com was about Mike the Headless Chicken. Mike was a Colorado chicken who supposedly lived for four days after his head was cut off by the hungry farmer who owned him. We were planning to go to Chick-fil-A tonight in honor of Mike the Headless Chicken, but I got a great deal on lasagna at the store today, so we’ll be dining in.

Since we learned about the Rocky Mountain state, we’ll be enjoying some yummy Rocky Road brownies for dessert tonight (with the ice cream that came free with my lasagna). Just in case you’re losing sleep wondering why we always seem to have food with our Fifty State Fridays, it’s because food is one “craft” project that you don’t have to find a place to store!

rocky road

Well, that and we like to eat. (I think my brownies would have looked prettier if I’d put the chocolate chips on last instead of the marshmallows.)

Megan had her first softball practice last night and she has another one tomorrow. She did really well and I had one of those proud mom moments when one of her coaches told Brian that Megan has a great natural swing. She’s been catching the ball well, too, so she may turn out to be our athlete. Even if she’s not, as long as she’s having fun, we’re good. I was afraid none of the kids were going to want to play ball this season, but, at the last minute, Megan decided that she did. I always enjoy watching them play — well, except for those games when it’s freezing cold, but hopefully we won’t have too many of those this year.

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  1. The brownies look super yummy haha! And I love how you used teddy bear counters as board pieces in your new game. Those things can be used for everything!

  2. I should have ate at your house tonight! :0) Isn’t it wonderful when CDM has something that hooks up with what you are studying? I love the mental health day idea. I see one of those coming up for me as well.

  3. I love those stop-action movies. I make one every time we go to our local children’s museum. It actually annoys me when the boys want to help or get a turn of their own. LOL I’m so selfish.

    I noticed the teddy bears too. I didn’t know vikings played with counting bears. 😉

  4. I like the idea of having a day designated to something- ie. Fifty State Friday. And who cares how the brownies look. 😉

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