Weekly Wrap-Up: The Halloween Edition

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Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week. It’s been a pretty good one here, after a rough couple of weeks. We spent most of the week just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Monday was a little different. Brian and the kids went out to lunch with his parents. I don’t care for Chinese, particularly the day before a weigh-in, and I do care for the occasional few hours at home alone, so I stayed here and enjoyed some peace and quiet.

After they got home, we finished school and had an early supper so that Megan, the only kid who wanted to go, could trick-or-treat. Brian and I walked with her and had a mini-date while our little pirate girl collected nearly four pounds of candy.


Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty ordinary, as far as school goes, just catching up on things. Tuesday evening, Megan wanted me to color with her and even Brian got in on the action. He’s such a good dad. He colors quite well, too.


I was blessed to spend some time with friends Wednesday night. After losing Christina, many of us have made a commitment to put relationships first and live with no regrets. It was nice to have dinner with two of my dear friends.

Brian and the kids didn’t mind, either, because I made them one of their favorite dinners that I never make anymore because it isn’t especially calorie-friendly. Plus, he took them out to the $1 movie place while I was gone. It was a good night for everyone.

We did do a fun science experiment to help understand how sedimentary rocks are made. It involved shredding (not as easy as it sounded) and melting crayons.


I think something happened to our cat, Gus, on Halloween night. I hate leaving the cats outside on Halloween because people can be so mean, but he didn’t come to the door to come in.

The next day, he just wasn’t quite himself. He wasn’t limping and I didn’t see any blood or signs of injury, but every time we touched around his hips or tried to pick him up, he cried out like he was hurt.

He came in Tuesday and laid on the same spot on the couch (unless he was lying in someone’s lap) for about 12 hours. We let him stay in overnight and he was still in the exact same spot when I got up the next morning.

He was ready to go outside shortly after that, though, and no longer acted like he was hurt. I guess he was just sore from something…and I will admit to praying for him. Yes, a cat. I felt a little silly, but I love that crazy cat.


He loves lying in laps. He even climbed up into Megan’s lap when she was sitting on the tiny little stool in the kitchen and managed to curl up in her lap. Of course, she had to hold him so he wouldn’t fall off, but he didn’t mind…and neither did she.


And, this was where I found him today…on the heat vent!


Crazy animal. I thought it was so cute that he buried his nose up under his arm.

Today, Brianna is at an anime convention. She is totally into anime and everything Japanese. Brian took off work to take her. He just sent me a text saying that she saw the guy she wanted to see (a voice over actor) and was so excited! I’m so glad that she’s having fun.

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  1. Kris,

    I SO wish we had a $1.00 movie theater close to us!  Our cat is so small (and getting so old) that we really discourage her from going outside at all.  We have coyotes in the forest by our house and I worry about them grabbing her for a quick snack!  Your cat is very pretty and MUCH larger than our cat.  


  2. Glad to hear that you were able to have some time with friends and put relationships first.  It sounds like you did that at home this week too.

  3. Brian and my Dave sound a lot alike. Dave does Sketch Tuesday with the family sometimes and it is fun to see him sitting with colored pencils. Glad you had a girls night and are making that time. I had tea with a friend yesterday and it was nice to just chat girl talk. Thanks for hosing the link-up. 🙂

  4. I know that there are many schools of thought about the origins of Halloween and that just as many of them point to it's origins being the Christian holiday, All Saint's Day or All Hallows Day. The day before All Hallows Day was often celebrated by children going to their neighbors' homes for treats. This was All Hallow's Eve or All Hallows Evening, later shortened to Hallow'e'en or Halloween. It was a day to remember the saints.

    There is as much likelihood that Halloween has good-intentioned origins as bad. For our family, it's neither a Christian, nor a pagan holiday, but rather just a day to dress up, have fun, and get free candy. You, of course, must do what is right for your family.

  5. Four POUNDS of candy!?! Wow!!!!

    Totally understand about the love of pets (just not cats, but you like Lacy, so we can still be friends.) And I want to know why you didn't share any of Brian's finished coloring projects. 😉

  6. Wow, 4 pounds of candy!  🙂  That's a lot of trick or treating!  Our kids gave up before that long, but still had a good time.

    I love the cat photos!  There is nothing like a snuggle from a beloved kitty.  I'm glad his injury seems to be doing better.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Many blessings,

  7. We have three cats here and are very attached to them!  My 16 year old daughter is also really into anime.  She wants to go to an anime convention in a few weeks, but they had to move it to another city which is too far away for her to drive, so she'll have to wait till the springtime.  She  takes an art class at the public school and has been improving her manga drawing skills, too.

  8. Oh, Brianna *loves* drawing and reading manga. Until she got into all this, I didn't know the difference between anime and manga. Now, I'm properly educated. 😉

  9. I almost did share Brian's finished picture. I was just being lazy — I didn't take a photo at the time and didn't feel like dragging everything back out. It really was good, though. Yes, I do like Lacy. Just so you know, even my neighbors, who don't really like cats, have made a point of telling me that they like *this* cat. They said even their son, who is grown and just comes to visit sometimes, has commented on what a great personality Gus has. He's hard not to love.

  10. Sounds like our house – I've got an anime- and manga-loving daughter and two cats that live to curl up in any lap they can find!

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