Weekly Wrap-Up: Music Class Performance

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It’s been kind of a slow week for us. Since today was our last day before our winter break, we spent most of the week wrapping up loose ends. We finished up Story of the World, Vol. 1 and Christian Kids Explore Biology. That seems like a simple statement, but it’s actually something of a unique milestone for us. With the exception of workbooks for things like math and grammar, these are the first two textbook-type books that we’ve ever finished.


As in, the whole seven years that we’ve homeschooled. We usually get bored and move to something that suits us better, but I think we’ve actually found a really good fit with SOTW and CKEB, so we actually finished them. Wow!

We made cute little Indian headbands for Josh and Megan’s music class performance at the nursing home:

music class

Oh, and Megan lost another tooth, as you can see in the picture above. She’s now missing a total of three in the front. She says it’s very hard to eat an apple.

The performance, held on Wednesday, is an annual event. This was our third year participating and, aside from a few technical difficulties, the performance went really well. The residents really seemed to enjoy it this year.

The highlight for me were the two songs that the second and third year classes perform together each year. It’s the same two songs every year and they’re really cute, but what made it really special for me was that, this year, Josh is in the third year class and Megan is in the second, so they got to perform together. I wish I had pictures to share, but I was too busy video-taping.

music class performance

After the performance, we met with our co-op group to stuff boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I failed to count them, but I think we got twenty or so filled.

I had left today as a catch-up day, in case we got behind. However, everyone stayed caught up, so we just had our core subjects to do before making the rest of the day an errand day. Brian was so happy when he came home and found out that we’d already been to the grocery store and wouldn’t be dragging him out tonight.

Brianna is spending the night with a friend tonight. Josh and Megan are going to the in-law’s in the morning. Brian called them about taking the kids tonight. They said no because they have some errands to run in the morning, but we’re holding out a teeny bit of hope that they might change their mind and call here in a bit. I’m hoping that we might can get some Christmas shopping done tomorrow with all the kids gone.

Today is the last day for voting on the Homeschool Blog Awards. I’m currently ahead in the Unschooling/Eclectic Blog category. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can hold on the the lead until midnight! lol If you haven’t yet voted, I’d love to have your vote.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about your week! I think your daughter is adorable- even missing some teeth! 🙂 I love the Indian headbands!

  2. Cute kids … as always! : )

    And I’ve rooting for you to win, honeylamb. I already cast my vote when the polls opened.

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