Weekly Wrap-Up: The One In Which We’re Counting Down the Days Until Spring Break

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First of all, let me just say, y’all are awesome!  I felt a little whiny, at least initially, with yesterday’s post, but you all were so supportive!  It’s nice to know I’m not alone…and to be reassured by y’all that it’s not me…it’s Spring Fever!

Speaking of spring fever, we were going to take our spring break the second full week in April, but Brian is taking off the first full week, so we are, too.  That means I only have to make it through one more week before spring break!  We have no plans and, to me, those are some of the nicest kinds of breaks.  We can just hang out together as a family.  I *may* tackle the kids’ rooms, but I’m not sure.  I’m kind of afraid that, if I start, it will take my entire spring break to finish…or, worse, I might go in one of their rooms and never come back out.

I probably won’t tackle the bedrooms, tough.  We’ll probably just enjoy hanging out, playing some Rock Band or Wii Sports together…and maybe even splurging on ice cream for Dollar Scoop Tuesdays.  Sounds like this homebody’s kind of week.

This week, Josh and Megan finished up their Explode the Code books.  When I went to our school cabinet to get the next book in the series, I discovered that I didn’t have the next book in the series!  That’s the second time this year that’s happened.  The last time was when Megan finished up her A Reason for Handwriting book and I realized I didn’t have the next one in the series.  They’re finishing things more quickly than I’d expected this year.  It’s caused me to start thinking about next year…which is a good thing, I guess, since I had no motivation to do so a week or so ago.

Last week, I’d made myself a special note of something I wanted to share in my Weekly Wrap-Up…and I still forgot!  So, I’m sharing it this week.  I often leave the kids notes in their books — not the encouraging, I-just-wanted-to-tell-you-I-love-you notes that you might be thinking, but more like, “Hey, I see you’re having trouble with this.  Come see me when you get to this part, so I can help you.”

Last week, Brianna left me a note of her own in her Pre-Alegebra book.  She’s been struggling a bit with some of the concepts and I guess she just wanted to make me aware of her view of the usefulness of Algebra.  The note said, “I am so not going to be a rocket scientist.

When I quit laughing, I left her a response, “Thanks.  I’ll let the folks at NASA know.”  I just love that girl’s wit.

Josh, Megan and I have still been working our way through American history.  This week we’ve been reading Pocahontas and the Strangersy Clyde Bulla and another general resource about various Native American tribes.  Honestly, I feel kind of blah about the whole study right now, but I think that goes with my general, overall blah-ness lately.  It occurred to me the other day that we haven’t been on a field trip in a long, long time.  So, I’m thinking that cabin fever may be the root cause of the blahs.  I need to see what I can to to rectify that.  We’ve got a lot of good, Native American history in our area, so that may be a good source for breaking out of the rut.

One thing I am really excited about this week is Terry Holliday’s announcement of her first Art for Homeschool Art Show.  As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I’m excited about getting back to drawing.  Since the art show is for kids and adults, and since my procrastinator self has all the way until May 1 to get my drawing in, I think this is something that the kids and I can all enjoy together.

Wednesday, I had something really exciting happen — someone who doesn’t know that I’ve been trying to lose weight noticed and commented on my weight loss!  I was so excited that I seriously considered hugging her, but I’m not really a touchy-feely person and she’s really just an acquaintance, so I’m guessing that would have freaked her out a bit.  I’ve lost 38 pounds, so far, and I’m hoping to hit 40 when I weigh on Monday.

I’m smiling because the sun has finally broken through the clouds and tomorrow is forecast to be a beautiful day, so, all of you go forth and enjoy a wonderful weekend with your family…after you link up your wrap-up post, of course!  Be sure to post about it and sign up with MckLinky. If this is your first time to join us, be sure to read the Weekly Wrap-Up guidelines.

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  1. Hi Kris! You don't know me from Adam (or Eve, for that matter), but I read your blog almost everyday and look forward to when my boys are little older to tackle some of the stuff I read about on your site. (Great job on the weight loss, by the way; it sounds like you're working hard and it's paying off!)
    We're stuck in Ancient History (we use SOTW by Bauer) right now, but when I was reading about your "blah" feelings with the Native American studies, I wanted to encourage you to maybe think about the Trail of Tears, the forced removal of what would one day be known as the Five Civilized Tribes to Indian Territory (what is now Oklahoma). My family (we're Choctaw) was part of that, and my grandparents were the first generation to be born in IT. There are some great books (Crossing of the Bokchito by Tim Tingle) mix things up a little. Anyway, just a thought and a word of encouragement. Also, I know you can go to my tribe's website (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma) and actually listen to how our language is pronounced. Have fun, and enjoy Spring Break!

  2. Congrats on another week of being an awesome and inspiring homeschooling mommy. I love all the things you are doing.

    Congrats on the 40 pounds! Going on faith for your next weigh-in. That is amazing. I am so happy for you.

    Jana – sounds like you need to write down some of that family history. 🙂 I am sad for what your family had to go through, but writing down the stories of our ancestors is beneficial for many reasons. The main reason I love history is because I have this hope that by learning history we won't repeat past mistakes. I'm going to look at that website!

  3. We love A Reason for Handwriting around here too! And thanks for reminding me about Explode the code. Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I love the note your daughter left you!! That is so funny!! I hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break!! Be Blessed, Angie in GA

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