Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where Nothing Exciting Was Going on Because We Were Enjoying Our Summer Vacation

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Happy Friday!  It’s not been a terribly exciting week around here, but that’s okay.  Sometimes quiet and uneventful is really nice.  Here are the highlights, though “highlights” might be overstating things just a bit:

Monday, after Brian got home, we went out to dinner.  We decided to try Zaxby’s.  Brian eats there for lunch often, but the kids and I had never eaten there.  Let’s just suffice it to say that my beloved Chick-Fil-A is not in any danger of losing my business.  Good sweet tea was about all Zaxby’s had going for it.

Railroad Crossing

After dinner — again with the possibly overstating — we went to Target to look for swim shirts for my incredibly fair-skinned children and a lazy Susan and tin pails to make one of these.  I went to where I thought the lazy Susans would be, but I was having trouble finding them, so I told the kids to “help me keep an eye out for a lazy Susan.”  Megan’s head whipped around as her eyes quickly scanned the store and she asked, “Why?  Is she supposed to be here?”

We all found that highly amusing and thought our friend, Susan might, too.

Wednesday we spent the afternoon cleaning out our basement playroom in preparation for the partitioning off of part of the room to build a new bedroom for Brianna.  Yes, she’s terribly excited.  Brian is off next week and the project will begin then.

The cleaning out part really wasn’t quite as bad as I’d imagined.  The kids were willing to part with more than I expected.  A lot of things were just thrown out (broken toys, McDonald’s junk, and the like), some was sorted to give to our favorite nephews, and we have several bags of stuff to donate.

The Bench

I really thought the cleaning out of the basement would take a couple of afternoons.  Since it didn’t, we used our unexpected extra time on Thursday to clean upstairs — laundry, vacuuming, dusting, bedrooms.

It was just general cleaning, though, since I know that once we start on the basement the whole house is going to be a mess.  At least, that’s the way it always seems to go.  I sincerely hope the room project is done within two weeks.  That will give me two or three weeks to get Brianna moved in, get Josh and Megan’s rooms reorganized, and do a pretty good deep-clean of the house before we’re ready to resume school.

The Nail

Today (Friday) will be grocery shopping and dropping kids off/picking kids up for sleep-overs.  What does your weekend hold in store?

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  1. About Zaxby's…. the first time I tried it, I was not impressed. However, it has grown on me! It still will not surpass Chick-fil-a on my favorites list, but since we do not have a Chick-fil-a in our town, Zaxby's is one of our local favorites. 🙂

  2. I'm glad to hear that your opinion of Zaxby's improved — especially considering that you don't have a CFA. 😉 However, given the fact that my salad smelled like somebody's dirty socks (yes, really), I doubt I'll be giving them another chance.

    Like I said, though, dh eats there every day (different location than the one we tried) and he enjoys it, so you never know; someday I might venture there again.

  3. Oh boy! I bet Brianna is excited!! It sounds like a great week. I just love all your photography 🙂

  4. Ooh – I love that Lazy Susan Thingamabob! I have seen things like that at Pottery Barn Kids, but it always seems ridiculous to spend that much. I'll keep and eye out at Target for little buckets. Or maybe Home Depot…

    I wish my weekend was all about doing nothing; but instead it will be filled with cooking, cleaning, shopping, and other assorted drudgery. NEXT weekend will be all about the laziness, hopefully.

  5. So glad you posted that link for the lazy Susan thing ~ I was just thinking about making one of those and that would be PERFECT.

    Of course, I have to figure out where to store it later…but LOVe IT.

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