Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where We Finished!

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Happy Friday! It is an especially happy Friday here because today is our last day of school for the year! We’re officially on summer break!!

Well, mostly officially. Brianna has to go take her Spanish final on Monday, but other than that we’re through! We will, of course, be reading throughout the summer and after a three week break the kids will be doing some school work a couple of days a week, but the carefree days of summer can now commence.

You know what’s funny? As much as that makes me want to do cartwheels now, by August I’ll be complaining about the lack of structure and looking forward to getting back into routine.

Oh, well. I’m going to enjoy it for how.

For the last week of school, it’s been fairly busy. I finished up the last science lab in the weather unit with Josh and Megan and then we called it quits with science. We talked about seasons and how the Earth’s rotation around the sun causes the seasonal differences in the northern and southern hemispheres.

One brave orange sacrificed his life for our lab.


We also wrapped up our history studies. We got a bit behind in it, so we crammed in quite a bit, talking about both Australia and Imperial China. I’ve always been extremely interested in all things Australia, so that was my favorite part.

The kids had fun making didgeridoo replicas. First, we looked at some didgeridoos online and watched/listened to them being played on YouTube videos. Sometimes Josh really surprises me with the detail he can put into things that capture his interest.


Monday night Brianna took the dogs out and discovered a huge beautiful butterfly on the front porch.


It was still there the next morning, so she brought it in, thinking that, with the unseasonably cool temperatures, it might be too cold for the butterfly. We gave it an orange and hoped to revive it and release it when the weather warmed up, but it didn’t make it.


We noticed that its wing was damaged, so it may have been doomed regardless.

Today was our annual end-of-the-year party with our homeschool group. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. It was beautiful and sunny, but still comfortably cool in the shade. We were just thankful it wasn’t cold like it had been earlier in the week.

We all had a great time connecting with friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile and meeting some of the new families in our group. It was even more fun than normal since it worked out that today was actually our official last day of school.

Now, I’m just looking forward to a relaxing weekend knowing that I don’t have to grade any papers or do any lessons plans. I can just kick back and relax.


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  1.  Sounds like your last week was  a great one. We have a digeridoo that I made left over from an Australian themed VBS. My husband and a couple of our kids learned to make some for the sounds for a demo. I made it at a VBS clinic, and a rep from Kentucky Down Under was there to teach us how to make them the way they do. It's made out of PVC pipe with beeswax around the mouth end. Pretty cool, and it makes excellent sounds. Enjoy your summer!

    Linda @ Linda's Lunacy

  2. Butterflies do not live long as adults….some only a few days.
    Congratulations for finishing your school year! 

  3. Congratulations on finishing school!  We just finished today too, and I really need the break!

  4.  We HS year round so there is no end for us lol I was just wondering if you'll still be posting the linky for weekly wrap ups over the summer?

  5. Yes, I run the Weekly Wrap-Up year 'round. I've found that fun and learning go on even when school is on a break in most homeschooling families. 🙂

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