Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With All the Cat Pictures

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It has been a crazy-busy, very productive week and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting organized again.  We finished Brianna’s new room and got her moved in on Monday.  Tuesday was spent deep-cleaning Megan’s room.  I’m not even going to tell you how many bags of trash (actual trash, plus broken toys, kids’ meal junk, etc.) that we carried out of there or how much stuff we listed on Freecycle.  We’ll just suffice it to say:  a bunchI’m not sure when was the last time I’ve seen Megan’s room so clean.  I took pictures (partly as a reminder to her when it gets trashed again!).

megan's room

The picture above was before she plastered her walls with Justin Bieber posters.  Ah, that brings back such memories.  It was Shaun Cassidy when I was her age.

I’m not sure which girl is enjoying having her own room more — the teenager who’s had to share with her little sister for a few too many years or the little sister who’s never had her own room.  I think it’s a toss-up.  One thing I’ve noticed is that sure are being nicer to each other now that they aren’t sharing a room.

Megan is so proud of having her own space that she can decorate however she wants.  She’s also really liking having a computer in there.  It’s from a couple of upgrades ago and isn’t set up for the Internet (though it could be), but it’s got all kinds of learning games on it and it will be perfect for this school year since she’ll be doing Teaching Textbooks.  She can do her math work on her own computer in her own room.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent catching up laundry and housework and supervising Josh while he cleaned up his room.  Translated that means, I cleaned house and did laundry while saying, “Josh, get busy and clean your room” every 30 minutes or so.  Seriously, somebody needs to explain the work to breaks ratio to that kid.  I remember getting two 15’s and a 30 when I worked eight hour days, not a break every ten minutes.  He did finally get it done, mostly to my satisfaction, on Thursday, especially considering the fact that he actually did it, not me.  I may go take care of a few things he missed while he’s at my mom’s next week. {insert evil mom laugh here}

On top of all that, I even got some planning for school done and emailed some vendors for whom I’m hoping to do reviews in the upcoming school year.  Have you ever noticed how the busier your week is, the more productive you seem to be?  It doesn’t always happen, but many times, once I get in the “get busy and get it done” mode, it just spills over into everything.  All I know is, it’s a good feeling to finally be getting organized again.

Look who now thinks he’s king of the world:

Gus and globe

At the very least, he thinks he’s king of this house:

Gus in chair

That’s my chair he’s sitting in.  I think Gus (the cat) and Peanut and Penny (the dogs) have finally gotten used to each other.  Peanut actually seems to like Gus and wants to play.  Once Gus figures out that Peanut is really just wanting to play, I think they’ll enjoy each other.  Penny, on the other hand, is very much like Brianna and would have been perfectly content being an only child dog.  She’s learned to tolerate Gus.

Yes, his name is officially Gus now.  Even Megan finally admitted that, even though she’s not crazy about the name, it just suits him.  I can totally see myself, ten years from now, looking at him as an old, grown up cat, and calling him Gus.

I got a new lens for my camera — the last camera-related purchase other than PSE8 and photo printing that I’ll be making for awhile — on Thursday afternoon.  Brianna left for volleyball practice, Josh went home with my sister, and Megan was playing with my niece, so I had to pick on the dogs and cat to play around with my lens.  I got several good shots of Peanut and Gus.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Gus in chair 2

Today, it’s a trip to the grocery store — fun times, fun times.  Tomorrow we have a wedding and I’m hoping we might scrounge up a little tad of change to go to the movies.  Brianna and Josh really want to see The Last Airbender.  If we get to go, Brian is going to take them to see it, while Megan and I go see Toy Story 3.  I wish movies weren’t so stinking expensive.  I’d really love for all of us to get to go see both movies…and for me and Brianna to go see Eclipse again!

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  1. Ah… when we were cleaning out the classroom this week the children found a Shaun Cassidy locket of mine from those days. What a productive week you've had! Love your cat pictures 🙂 I added a link to your The Room is Finished in my post. We did a total classroom revamp. And are still worn out!

  2. Gus is adorable! And I consider myself more of a dog person than a cat person… but he's definitely got personality. 🙂

  3. That sounds like a wonderfully productive week! How fun. I remember back when I was the older sister and shared a room with my sister. One summer my dad and I built a wall to split the room in two and we were both so happy! I was the neat child, she was the – um – less neat child. hehehe…

    No pets in the house for us! We have two outside cats, but that's enough for me.

  4. I will have to spend at least a week helping my daughter clean up her room this summer. *sigh* Looks like you did a great job.

  5. The room looks great! (I think my posters were Bobby Sherman & Jim Croce at that age.) Gus is a cutie.

  6. Shaun Cassidy was in my room too. LOL

    I remember getting my sister out of my room, I mean getting my own room. Big excitement.

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