Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Closet Incident

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I can’t believe it’s Friday again already. Where are the weeks going? I am so not ready to school to start back in just a couple of weeks. I did have my first spark of enthusiasm the other day – over the thought of writing my own history study for this year – but I’m still not quite ready for the school year to actually be here. Are you?

Megan spent the week with my mom and step-dad. She had a great time and the grandparents survived. She and my niece, who also spent the week, enjoyed lots of swimming and being spoiled by Nannie.

The rest of us pretty much hung around the house. I know the kids are getting bored of that, but I’m enjoying the downtime.

The week was not without its share of excitement though. Monday, I was sitting in the dining room on my laptop when I heard a huge crash from the master bedroom. It sounded like something had fallen off the shelf in the closet.


The shelves in the closet fell – three of the four of them. The top one fell, knocking off the two below it. Every article of clothing Brian owns and half of my wardrobe was piled in the floor.


It’s probably hard to tell what a mess it was from the pictures, so you’ll have to trust me – it was a mess.

Josh helped me get all the clothes out of the closet and pile them on the bed. Brian got two of the shelves up before we left to go watch his ballgame. After we got home – at nearly 10:30, he got the third shelf put up.

I got my clothes hung back up while he used this opportunity to sort through his clothes and pull out the ones he no longer wears so we could donate them. At nearly midnight, we finally got in bed.

At 12:30, we were awakened by another huge crash. Thankfully, it was only one shelf this time. *sigh*

We got all the clothes out of the closet and left the mess for the next day. Tuesday, Brian put some massive screws and wall anchors back into the wall. So far, so good this time.

Tuesday night, Josh and I took Brianna to volleyball practice because Brian had another ballgame. We ran a couple of errands, then, came back to the gym and played Frisbee out in the parking lot until practice was almost over. It was fun being able to spend some one-on-one time with Josh. He really enjoyed it, too.

Wednesday night, Brian had yet another ballgame. We talked him into taking us to eat Mexican before the game, though. Yum! I actually daydreamed about it all day because it’s been so long since we’ve had it.

Thursday was Brian’s birthday. He had to work, but he’s taking today off. I don’t know what we’ll do, but he’s just happy to be off.

I had a five mile run to start the day. I was tired when I started and even more tired when I finished. I was glad to have done it, but I won’t say I necessarily enjoyed it.

We’ve also got a slumber party for Briana tonight to make up for not having a party on her birthday. She had so many friends out of town on her birthday, we decided to wait. Pray for me having a houseful of teenage girls tonight. 😉

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  1. It's been awhile since I've been over here, you look great!  Good luck with the gaggle of girls tonight :).

  2. Oh goodness! We've also had that happen not long after we moved into our house. But, you are right, gives you a chance to go through and give away things you don't wear anymore. But it is a rather disturbing crash!

    Is next week the curriculum link up?

  3. I hope so, too. Actually, I'm surprised the shelves stayed up as long as
    they did. My husband said whoever installed them didn't put the anchors in
    the studs. When he reinstalled them Monday night, he didn't use long enough
    screws, we think. They should be good to go now…I hope!

  4. I guess that's one way to force a closet de-clutter!  Glad that you seem to have the shelves fixed now.

  5. No, I'm absolutely NOT ready to start back to school. I'm not even thinking about it yet.
    And when I clicked onto this feed, I thought I was on Dana's blog for a minute! 🙂 (The messy closet pics, and all).

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