Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Early Spring Break

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Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. We have. A little busy. A little chaotic at times, but still good.

I had asked my husband to take Wednesday off so we could do something fun for Leap Day. He was already scheduled off for Monday, so he decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off. Since we already had a field trip schedule today, we just decided to take spring break early.

Monday was gorgeous! Brian and I went running in the morning – well, I ran. He ran some, walked some, but I was so glad he made the effort to try something that I enjoy. I spent the rest of the day doing housework and laundry to try to catch up.

Tuesday was another incredibly beautiful day. The younger two kids and Brian and I took our bikes out to the park and had a wonderful 6-mile bike ride. It was so much fun…and no jackets or cold-weather gear.

Wednesday was rainy, but that was okay because we had inside plans. We went for our annual family trip to our favorite Japanese steakhouse. Yum! Check out my fortune cookie message:

Leap Day Fortune[3]

Considering my weight-loss, I might should have read that before I ate! Oh, well. It was delicious and I enjoyed it, so it’s all good.

After lunch, we went to see a movie and did a little shopping together.

Thursday was another at-home day, trying to get ready to start school back on Monday – printing school assignments and continuing the laundry/housework cycle.

Today has been a busy day of trying to get Brianna ready to start her first job tomorrow. On Tuesday, she was offered at job at a local movie theater. Doesn’t that sound like an incredibly fun first job?

Wouldn’t you know we didn’t find out what all she needed to be ready to start until 4:30 yesterday? We’ve had all week off, but didn’t get the details about the job until late yesterday, which means I’ve had to run all over creation to get it all pulled together today.

On top of that, her play was scheduled to start tonight and we had a field trip this afternoon. *sigh* I needed to have on my super-homeschool mom t-shirt on.
superpowers shirt[13]

I did manage to get it all done, though…because I’m Super-Mom! {grin} Brianna’s got canceled due to severe weather headed our way, so that made my evening a little more open. You know, with the exception of worrying about getting hit with another tornado.

The field trip was a lot of fun. It was at Bi-Lo (a grocery) store. I was contacted by The Field Trip Factory a few weeks ago about scheduling a field trip. You should check to see if they offer any field trips in your area because ours was a lot of fun.

The focus was on health and nutrition – a big deal with me now. They gave the kids a handout and part of it showed My Plate. The field trip guide talked about why it’s important to eat a balanced meal and we toured the produce area where the kids got to sample lots of fruits and veggies – carrots, red peppers, zucchini (which I love, but had never tried raw), apples and kiwi.

Then we went to the deli and talked about proteins, dairy, and grains while the kids sampled ham, cheese, and turkey. Our guide even broke out the bottled water because some of the kids said they were thirsty.

When we left, the kids got goodie bags – packed in those nice, nylon, drawstring bags, with a Frisbee and some other goodies. It really was a cool field trip, despite the stress of a hectic day.

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  1. Ah, yet another wonderful benefit of homeschooling – a spontaneous spring break to match the weather! 

  2. You ARE super mom! 🙂

    First job for your daughter….big deal. Tell her congrats for me. All my children are in the land of the employed and it is strange to think about..a good strange but unreal just the same.

    Thanks for hosting the link-up. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow! Your week sounds great, Kris! Lots of fun, but some learning in the mix…and some worrisome weather. The healthy food field trip sounds awesome! (Wonder if the people who do an adult ed nutrition class would do one for homeschoolers here? Hmm…) Great t-shirt!

  4. Neat about the job and field trip. My dd wants a job so bad (she's not *quite* old enough though). Love that shirt. I just got my sweatshirt (Proud Wife) from Union28 today- I ordered it after seeing you wearing My Husband Rocks shirts (I got one of those, too). I guess that's been a little while hasn't it?
    Hope your weekend is restful after your hectic day(s) 🙂

  5. Your week sounded like you all had so much fun. I almost called this week spring break, it wouldn't of been too much fun for the kids though they were sick. Thank you for sharing, and inspiring(I so need to start running, o.k walking).

  6. Never heard of the Field Trip Factory!  Oh, the things you learn!!  I will be checking that out after I check up on some links : )  Thanks!

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