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It’s an early edition Weekly Wrap-Up this week since we’ve got a super-cool field trip today and I’m afraid I’ll run out of time to get everything posted. That, of course, means I’ll have to wait until next week to tell you about our super-cool trip, but I’m guessing you’ll survive.


It’s been a rather lazy, relaxing kind of week here. We took Monday and Tuesday off for fall break. I almost didn’t take them because I didn’t feel like I needed them, then, I realized that the brilliance in scheduling a fall break would probably be, at least partially, in taking it before I felt like we needed it.


My crazy cat spotted something in the neighbor’s yard.

We spent the early part of Monday taking the first family photos we’ve had done since before Megan was born. Yes, she’s ten. Another casualty of Mom’s obesity. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun doing the photos.

Brian had the day off, so we treated the kids to lunch out for being such good sports about having to get up so early (we had to be up, picture-ready, and at the park by 9:00 AM). Brianna was most excited about getting to Chick-Fil-A in time for breakfast, something for which we’re never up early enough. She was thrilled to get her chicken minis and even opted for an extra serving of hash browns instead of the milkshake her siblings got.


My husband surprised with my favorites – sunflowers – on Wednesday.

Tuesday was a more relaxing day at home. I did manage to stick to my new cleaning schedule, even though we were off. It’s been so nice having a relatively clean house at any given moment.

Wednesday and Thursday, we had a fairly light schedule getting the basics done while still finding time to explore other interests. Josh’s latest is playing guitar. The kid has an amazing ear for music.  Last week, I showed him a video I saw on YouTube of a 7-year-old girl playing Sweet Child O’ Mine on guitar. Not to be outdone, he went to his room and messed around until he was able to pick it out on his keyboard.

He’s been watching instructional guitar-playing videos on YouTube. It’s amazing the quality of stuff you can find on there for free.

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  1. We are in dire need of a family photo as well. We traditionally take one sometime in November so I am hopefully going to be able to gather my brood all at one place at one time for that….perhaps the promise of food afterwards will entice the oldest son?

    Have a great super duper field trip and thanks for hosting the wrap-up!

  2. Now aren't you smart to take a fall break! We did take Monday off because my husband had the day off for Columbus Day. I surely can see why the homeschool superpowers shirt has been a huge hit! It is so cute 🙂 Sunflowers… beautiful!

  3. Still sad I didn't get to do your photos; doggone living too far away. 🙁 But can't wait to see them! And yay for a much-deserved little fall break!

  4. Those Munford books look fun. Thanks for sharing. The only thing I don't enjoy about our homeschool co-op is our inability to "take a day off." I miss those days! We go two days a week, and the other days, I have to keep up or we get behind. I'm going to try to incorporate some of your cleaning ideas; I have to get better at that.

  5. I love rather low-key weeks! And sunflowers. I hope to get a much overdue photo this year as well- my overweight not withstanding. 

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