Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with No Photos

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TGIF and all that good stuff. It’s another stormy Friday here. Thankfully, it’s only thunderstorms this time – no tornadoes to worry about.

It’s been another good school week for us, but nothing terribly exciting to report, which is just fine with me. The younger kids and I have still been learning about the pre-Revolutionary War period. Although it skips around a bit oddly, I’ve been enjoying the biography of George Washington that we’ve been reading.

I never knew that Martha Washington had been married before she married George. Being the patient (or maybe it’s lazy or maybe just not excessively curious) person I am, I haven’t googled to learn if they had more children of their own, but, as far as we’ve gotten in the biography so far, they only have the two children that Martha had with her first husband.

I find that very interesting – not that any of it is especially unusual, it’s just stuff that I never learned in school about our first president.

We have also been learning about how hurricanes are formed – very timely for this season. I’m not sure how much the kids have retained, at this point, but I’ve learned a lot about hurricanes that I never knew. Interesting stuff.

Also, on Tuesday, we were talking about blizzards. Our text had us look up more information about the “Storm of the Century” (referred to as the “Blizzard of ‘93” in these parts). When I looked it up, I realized that we were learning about the storm on the very day of its 19th anniversary. I thought that was pretty cool.

We got 24 inches of snow that weekend. That was unbelievable for our area – the most snow any of us had ever seen. Brian and I got lucky, though – we didn’t lose power or even cable. We sat around playing video games, watching TV, and eating snow cream for four days.

My poor parents and sister, along with thousands of other people, spend that time trying to keep warm in one room heated by kerosene heater and eating soup heated up on top of the heater. Was your family in the path of the 1993 storm? How did you fare?

I’ve got my first 5K race of the season in the morning. I’m excited about it! I’m just hoping that it doesn’t rain. It’s supposed to be warm, so even if it does rain, it won’t be bad, but I’m not crazy about running in the rain. I’m hoping to PR (set a personal record), but I’m not sure if that will happen in my first race of the year. I’m really hoping to break 30 minutes for a 5K sometime this season, though.

I’m also hoping the weather will hold out so that we can go bike riding tomorrow. I never would have thought that I’d even consider running a race in the morning, then, biking in the afternoon, but I’m ready to go! I love riding and it’s harder to find the time and space for that than it is for running.

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  1. Here in MN, the big blizzard the everyone remembers is the Halloween Blizzard of 1991.  It broke all kinds of records for an early blizzard and fast-falling snow — I think it was something like two and a half feet of snow in 24 hrs or something like that.  I don't know if we got a blizzard here at this time in '93…probably not a big one at least or I might remember it! 

  2. Best wishes on your race tomorrow! I remember that storm. I lived out west at the time and we got like 58. I remember talking to my mama here and they had 14. Incredible! No way it's been 19 years!!

  3. Wow!  Such a variety of topics.  I knew about Andrew Jackson's wife, but not Martha Washington.   

  4. Isn't it great all the things you learn with the kids? Every week there's something I learn, and I often stop in the middle of things and tell Kathryn, "How did I never learn this in school?!?" It's not that I didn't pay attention; I was a good student! But there was so much interesting stuff left out, while we had to memorize all the most boring stuff!

  5. Hi Kris!  I just started running this year and it has been really encouraging to read your running stories.  I'm running my first 5k next month and, like you, I'm hoping to finish under 30:00.  Praying your race goes well!  Be blessed!

  6. I was living in Marietta, GA at the time of the Blizzard of '93.  I remember I-75 being unpassable for days!! I remember driving to work at the hospital and skidding on the ice – praise the Lord, I made it to work (and did not leave for 2 days). 

  7. My kids would love learning about the storms and different weather patterns!  All the best on your first 5K of the season!!!

  8. I'm from GA originally, so the Blizzard of 93 was the first and only "real" snow I would see until I moved a few states north!  😉

  9. In my hometown the Blizzard of 77 was huge.  I remember our neighbors going to the store to get bread and milk in the snowmobiles.  We also had a game that was designed after it that we played for years.

  10. Thanks! Glad I could encourage you. My first 5K, I was just happy to finish under 40 minutes. My fasted time so far has been 32. I think I can break 30 this year, but it might not be tomorrow. It's a fairly flat course, though, so I'm hoping.

  11. Thank you so much for hosting. I didn't quite have a wrap-up, but I did post something urgent… We Alberta homeschoolers (well, all parents, actually) are facing a huge law being proposed currently that will critically shift the right to teach moral values from parent to the state. We need as much vocal protest as possible, not just from Albertans, but from Canadians, Americans… you name it. 

    Cindy @ Apron Strings and Apple Trees

  12. We didn't get the Blizzard of '93 but we were caught in Quebec's famous Ice Storm in  Jan'98. We were lucky and only lost power for 3 days because we were on the same street as the fire station, but we ended up with more than a dozen people and lots of angry pets staying with us for a couple of weeks as others we knew weren't as fortunate. We got very creative about making beds (and space for them)!

  13. I did know about Martha Washington, but not from school – my parents took me to visit the Washingtons' house, Mount Vernon, when I was little. I remember some of Martha's dresses were on display, and they were so small I almost could have worn them myself. (I think I was around seven at the time.) I'd love to go back sometime with my daughter, and to see Williamsburg again too – I remember that being really cool.

  14. I would love to visit Mount Vernon someday. That's an interesting comment about her dresses. Our book mentioned her being tiny, but I didn't realize how tiny.

  15. FWIW George Washington couldn't have children of his own.  Martha was also more partial to her son than to her daughter.  Here's another fun bit of trivia – Martha was a wealthy woman; but legally the wealth wasn't considered hers; she was considered to be holding on to it temporarily for her son.  So, even though George Washington did not like slavery, he couldn't free them – because they weren't his to free and they weren't Martha's to free.  (Martha didn't really have the problems with slavery that George had, but it was irrelevant, they were still not hers to free.)  Her relationship with her father in law (her first father-in-law) was really something; initially he thought she was just after the money but she managed to charm him, just as, apparantly, she charmed everyone she met.  George Washington would've been little more than a washed-up second-tier farmer from the backwaters of Virginia if it wasn't for Martha!  She was some woman.

  16. Wow,  so many links…so little time. 

    Just discovered your link-ups recently and am trying to figure out the art of perusing them without losing whole days in the process.

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