Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Really Busy Week

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Have you been wandering around aimlessly looking for the Weekly Wrap-Up? Oops! It’s been such a busy day I almost forgot that I hadn’t posted it yet. It’s actually been a really busy day, capping off a really busy week.

Monday started with me getting up bright and early so I’d have time to meet with our evaluator to discuss Josh’s dyslexia screening results. This was followed by the whole business of getting back to school after a week off. Funny how being so close to the end of the school year makes that more palatable for everyone. As of today, we have two weeks left.


Erasing the traces of Sunday’s Zaxby’s betrayal

Tuesday, we got as much school in as we could before the mail ran. Why before the mail ran, you may ask. That’s because I knew that there was a video game coming for Josh. One that he’d been waiting on for over a week and talking about daily.

Because I know how I am and because I’m a nice mom, I had decided that I would let him stay home and play his video game, rather than making him do schoolwork in the car like we usually do during Brianna’s dance class. Yeah, he loves me. And, he didn’t even complain too much about finishing school once the girls and I got back home.

Wednesday, we hit the books hard and heavy since we didn’t get everything done on Tuesday and we had appointments on Thursday. Wednesday afternoon, I posted on my Facebook page that I had intended to post a status update saying how proud I was of the kids and how hard they’d worked, without complaining, to get so much done. However, by the time I got to Facebook, all I wanted to post was how long division is going to be the death of either Megan or me.

I’m glad I posted it. Someone shared an acronym that helped her child remember the steps: Does McDonald’s Sell Cheese Burgers? It stands for divide, multiply, subtract, check, bring down and it seems to be helping. Long division is still of the devil as far as both Megan and I are concerned (it gave me fits when I was her age), but that acronym does help her remember the steps.

Dentist office

Megan, impatiently awaiting her turn on Angry Birds

Thursday was dental appointments…for all five of us. It makes for a very long afternoon, but it also means we only have to worry about going to the dentist twice a year.

A funny thing happened while we were at the dentist. We ran into my mom! She’s a patient there, too, but in all the years (over 20) that she and I have been patients, we’ve never run into each other at the office. I’d love to figure the odds on that. Well, I’d actually love for someone else to figure the odds on that.

There are the 365 sixty five days, minus weekends and holidays, that the dentist is open and the approximately 8 hours that the office sees patients. We’re there for about 2 1/2 of those hours, twice a year, while my mom is there for half an hour, twice a year. Got the odds yet?

Oh, and my mom and I have been patients for over 20 years – probably 22 or 23. Brian started going after we got married (over 21 years ago) and the kids started going at around 4 or 5 years of age.

Today was homeschool day at a local amusement park. We don’t usually go because the company that Brian works for has their company picnic there in June, so we can go free and it’s far less crowded. Brianna was invited to go with a friend, though, and she paid for her own ticket, so that’s what she did today while the younger kids and I used our built-in catch-up day to catch up.

Megan thought that was rather unfair. She’s forgotten about all the times Brianna was slaving away over schoolwork while she and Josh had a light day.

I think those are the highlights from my week, what about you?

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  1. Your frustration with long division reminded me of my 4th grade daughter at the beginning of the year. It was not coming naturally for her. I found this tutorial on "short division" and it changed her completely. She has no problems doing division now. And the learning curve was like one problem! It might just work for some kids, but it really helped with her. We also used a colored pen for the problem and a pencil while answering it in the beginning. 

    Thank you, Pinterest, for showing me this golden nugget of knowledge in the first place!

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    of useful info here. I am sending it to some friends an additionally sharing in
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  3. LOL I'm not hooked on it, but the kids definitely are. Just don't ask me about Draw Something. 😉

  4. Visiting from CB! Nice to meet other HS Moms! Love your McDonald"s acronym for division…I will be using that!

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