Weekly Wrap-Up: The Sick Kids Edition

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I thought I’d go ahead and post the Weekly Wrap-Up early today since it’s been a sick week for us and I don’t foresee us doing anything exciting that I’ll want to post about later today. We’ve been getting the basics done this week in the midst of trying to get more rest so that everyone who is sick can recuperate and those who aren’t sick can keep their immune systems up.  Thankfully, that’s worked fairly well.

Um, gee…really, two of my three kids have been sick all week, so there isn’t much exciting to report.  We did still manage to do an at-home nature study on Wednesday.  In the course of completing our nature challenge, I discovered that I was completely wrong about the type of oak tree we have in our front yard.  After discovering that it is, in fact (at least I’m mostly sure) a southern red oak, I developed a wild hair to try to discover what all the other trees in our yard are since, you know, I have no earthy idea.


So, on Thursday, I went out in the rain and collected leaves and, where applicable, nuts/cones from the trees in our front yard.  The identification process is still underway (read:  I’ve spent more time reading Twilight for the third time, surfing the ‘net, and Tweeting than I have looking up tree types), but, if it’s successful, I’d like to eventually try to identify all the trees in our yard.  Wouldn’t that be interesting after living here clueless for over 16 years?

Did you read about our really cool snail findI found at least two more baby snails!  I think there might have been three, but they were so small it was hard to tell.  They were even smaller than the one I found last week.  They were about the size of the tip of a pencil.  I know this because I was poking around in the dirt around my plant with a pencil and of them kind of stuck to the end of it.  I’ve never seen anything so tiny in all my life!

This is the adult and the bigger of the babies that I found last Saturday:

baby snail

Another thing I’ve been doing this week is trying to catch up on all my review posts.  I apologize if you’re feeling deluged with review posts.  The last thing I wanted to do was turn my blog into a review blog.  However, I have gotten some real gems this year that I never would have looked at otherwise, such at 5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills, Rocket Phonics, and, of course, my Study Pod, not to mention some I’ve yet to review, but am either using and loving right now (from Bright Ideas Press) or getting reading to use (such as All About Spelling, which looks very promising).

So, all that to say, I hope you’re either enjoying the reviews or, at least, just skipping them and keeping up with my regular posts.

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  1. So sorry you had several sick kids this week! Good luck on the tree id project, it's always nice to know what's in your yard :).

  2. Baby snails are so cute! Well, the good thing about homeschooling is if everyone is sick it doesn't stop your week, you just move alittle slower. Hope everyone is jumping around real soon!

  3. This is part of what I love about homeschooling: sick or not, the kids manage to learn something anyway. And whether that's just basic infection control or germ theory or how to care for a sick family member, it's valuable, real world stuff.

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon! We have a red oak in our backyard…beautiful tree! The main reason I know what our trees are is because we planted them all, LOL (we built our house 8 years ago). Those are some teeny tiny snails! Wow!

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