Weekly Wrap-Up: The Spring Break Edition

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I’d say, “Happy Friday,” but I’m kind of sad this Friday.  Why is it school breaks seems to be on a different space/time continuum than normal days?  And, why it is that the breaks that you expect to be lazy days filled with lots of free time are always so stinkin’ busy?

I think part of our busyness stemmed from the fact that we still had to attend some outside classes.  Brianna still had Spanish on Monday, volleyball on Tuesday, and her final speech class, with a banquet, on Thursday.  Megan still had music on Wednesday, so today has been the only day that we really didn’t have anywhere we had to go or anything we had to do – except going to the grocery store later.

On top of all that, Monday was spent getting settled in with a new refrigerator.  What’s that?  You didn’t know we were in the market for a new fridge?  Yeah, us either.  We suddenly found ourselves in the market for one on Saturday night when Brian fixed a bowl of cereal and found the the milk was warm.

Yes, our old fridge went out, so we went shopping for a new one on Sunday after church.  It wasn’t really the way I wanted to spend my Sunday…or my money.  Thankfully, we found a really good deal and, now that we’ve got it, I’m enjoying the new fridge.  It’s got a lot more room than the old one and, for now, the icemaker is working.  It seems like that’s always the first thing to go on a fridge.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be running in my 3rd 5K.  I’m excited about that.  I never thought I’d be excited about anything involving running.  I’m hoping to beat my time from the last run.  I think I stand a good chance since this is a mostly flat run, where the other one was really hilly.

For now, though, I’ve got to go get a menu made out for next week so that I can make a grocery list and head to the store.  Fun times, fun times.

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  1. Sorry/congrats (?) on the new fridge. I hear you about spring break being busy! And, I've said it before, you are so inspiring with your weight loss and running. Wow!

  2. Wow, third 5k…that's amazing. I'm with you on the busyness of breaks…there is no rest! Hope your run goes well 🙂

  3. Our spring break was quite busy also–I always have stuff to catch up on. Now I'm looking forward to those lazy days of summer. 😉 Good luck on your 5K.

  4. Enjoy your new fridge, though it's always sad when they break. ANd it's always sudden. It's happened to us before too – and it was our only freezer at the time as well, and we had JUST gone shopping and stocked up on meat. It was just a slight panic to find a new one!
    I'm so impressed with your running!

  5. I'm a little late, and posting 2 weeks worth!
    I would like to know about your linky…is it free?
    I have been using a paying one that is expiring soon, I would prefer to switch it to a free one.
    Thanks !

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