Weekly Wrap-Up: The one before winter break

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Know why I’m happy? Because it’s finally warming up a bit! I’m sure those of you in the Buffalo area don’t want to hear my whining about the cold. I don’t envy you! But, for this Southern girl, it’s been a cold.

Our outside dog has been living in the garage with a heater for a few days. It was warm enough yesterday that I kicked him out early in the day. He was happy to be out in the sunshine, but equally happy to come back inside overnight as the temperature started to drop.

Another day, it was warm enough for him to go out for a little while, but the rest of the week, we’ve all been huddled up trying to stay warm and wondering how it could be so cold so early in the year. There has been much consumption of hot chocolate.

We went to see Big Hero 6 last Sunday night. Have you seen it yet? It was so cute! If you haven’t seen it, take tissues. You’ll need them or else you’ll get a headache trying not to cry. I guess Mockingjay Part 1 is next up.

Next week starts our long winter break. We do six weeks on/one week off with six weeks in the summer and from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This will be our 3rd year doing so, if I remember correctly. It has been such a sanity saver for us.

Apparently, I’ve still lost some sanity somewhere, though, because I’m seriously thinking of painting a couple of bedrooms while we’re off. Josh and Megan both want to paint their rooms and both are long overdue – especially Josh, so he’s first on the list.

Okay, I’ll be honest – because I usually am – the highlight of my week is not school related at all. It was having my post, 50 Reasons Homeschooled Kids Love Being Homeschooled go crazy online. I expected it to be moderately popular, but mostly with the families of the kids who responded. I never expected it to generate over 77,000 page views in three days. I’m so glad y’all enjoyed it!

That’s about it. Not too exciting, I guess, but just a week of tying up loose ends before a long break. I’m ready!

Remember, there will be no Weekly Wrap-Up next week. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your families! And, for all my international friends, just enjoy your week.

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  1. I have to laugh whenever one of my HS friends send me a link to your HS posts. I have been a follower for so long that it makes me smile when I have to tell a friend “yep, been reading her stuff for years.” I think those types of posts go crazy because of the honesty you offer. HS has its ups and down, and you share them all. One of my favorites that also seemed to be everywhere I looked was the reasons why you homeschool. It’s not to irritate people or show off, and that rung true for other HS moms. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kay. I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, I always seems to irritate one or two anyway. It’s never my intent, though.

  2. I had fun reading your 50 reasons post whilst I was waiting for the surgeon to collect me for my op. It put a smile on my face (as did some of the replies). Thank you!

  3. We live in Upstate NY but I’m happy to report that all the snow missed us! However it has been very cold. Congrats on your viral post. I read it and though it was very funny and interesting to see all the different responses! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I am so glad you posted that 50 reasons post! I used to participate in the weekly wrap through my old blog (Canadian Home Learning). So cool that you post went viral, it is worth it!!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

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