Weekly Wrap-Up: The one I forgot

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy first Friday of May, y’all! I hope you’re having a great one! It has started out like every other day this week – beautiful, sunny, but a bit nippy. I’m not complaining, though. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to warm up to perfect spring temps this afternoon.

So, that moment when you’re lying in bed, almost asleep, random thoughts flitting through your head, and suddenly one of those random thoughts is, Oh, crap! I forgot to write my Weekly Wrap-Up post!

Yeah, that. I usually write my post on Thursday afternoon and schedule it for Friday morning, so all you early risers can link up. This week, I completely forgot.

I’ll blame it on my afternoon. Thursday is always the busiest day of the week, but this week it was even busier. I took the kids to the indoor trampoline park on Wednesday, which meant that Thursday was going to be a hitting-the-books-hard-and-catching-up day. Everything was actually going pretty smoothly, though, and we were having a productive day.

Then, algebra happened.

Josh needed help with a confusing concept. And, boy howdy, was it a confusing concept. The problems weren’t really hard, but the way they (“they” being Teaching Textbooks) were showing how to “simplify” the problem was making it more complicated to both Josh and me.

I finally worked a couple of them on my own, checked that my answers were right, and told Josh, “I don’t care how they’re saying to do it. That’s just confusing. Do it this way.”

I figure it’s on computer and he doesn’t have to show his work, so it doesn’t matter how he does it, as long as the answer is right. When he takes standardized tests, he’ll only have to color in the correct bubble, so it doesn’t matter how he does it there either, as long as it’s right.

I was talking with my sister and cousin about that same concept last night at dinner. They were having similar problems with their kids at school – their kids know how to get the right answer, but they do have to show their work and if they do it in a way other than it’s being taught, it’s not right. It made me glad that we don’t have to deal with that because we were all saying, it’s math. If there is more than one way to solve the equation and you get the right answer, it should be right.

Anyway, it was a crazy, frustrating, busy night that also involved an uncooperative dessert and an overflowing toilet. It’s no wonder I forgot the Weekly Wrap-Up.


One highlight of my frustrating Thursday afternoon was  receiving a package from the Mercy House store. I read the story of Pauline giving back to her community on Kristen’s blog and I just had to order some bracelets for me and my girls. (Megan’s bracelet isn’t pictured because she’d already taken off with it by the time I got around to taking photos.)

The bracelets arrived yesterday afternoon. They were gorgeous, but that wasn’t what made me love them most. What really made me love them was the card attached to each, telling who made them – and recognizing the girls’ names and knowing their stories because I’ve following Mercy House since it was just the beginnings of a God-sized dream.

It brought happy tears to my eyes to know that Violet made one of our bracelets. I feel a personal connection with her now and can’t wait to tell people about her and Mercy House when they ask about the bracelet. If you’ve never supported Mercy House, I encourage you to do so. You’ll be changing lives and, if you let it, it will change yours.

Are you planning any homeschool field trips to wrap up your year? This week’s article on About.com is all about homeschool field trips – the benefits, planning tips, and venue ideas. I hope you’ll check it out!

Now, I’ve got to get busy. I’ve got a jam-packed Friday ahead of me – the hopefully doesn’t involve algebra – and a busy weekend. Josh’s music school is doing a parking lot performance tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait! The weather should be perfect and Josh has several songs to perform. It’s been a long time since they’ve done a show and he’s improved so much since last time. I can’t wait to hear him!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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  1. I love MercyHouse. I do a small monthly contribution but haven’t done Fair Trade Fridays. Love the things you’ve been getting, though – and how neat to get a bracelet made by Violet! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a very busy Thursday! Hoping your weekend is a bit more relaxed.

    {And I agree about the math… if the answer is correct, let them use whatever method works well for them.}

  3. Hi Kris. My daughter is currently doing TT Algebra as well. Can you tell me what number it was? Maybe we haven’t passed it yet.

    1. I don’t remember off the top of my head. I’d have to look on Josh’s laptop. We did get through it and find a way to work the problems that made sense, so we’re all good. Sometimes my dyslexic kiddos brains don’t process information in a “typical” fashion, so we’ve gotten used to finding alternatives that work. I have a friend who teaches high school math and I love her philosophy – she says she always explains at least 2 ways to work a problem because not everyone processes information the same way. I’ve learned to do that, too.

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