Weekly Wrap-Up: The One That Was a Roller Coaster

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Weekly Wrap-Up

I am so very extremely happy that it’s Friday. This has been one crazy, roller coaster week. It started off great, but took a serious nosedive Tuesday evening.

Let’s start with the yucky stuff, so I can end on a positive note. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but Tuesday night our septic system came to a screeching halt. Two full days and lots of money later, we can now flush toilets and run water again. You don’t realize how much you take for granted.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday with extremely limited water usage. Luckily, my sister lives close enough that we could go to her house to use the bathroom. The kids spent Wednesday night with Brian’s parents. We stayed here so we’d be around when the septic company called on Thursday morning to come out.

Thursday morning, you ask? Why, yes. That’s because we spent the majority of the day Wednesday trying to figure out the problem and fix it ourselves, so as not to spend a small fortune.

It wound up being something we couldn’t fix ourselves, though. It seemed like we were on this best case/worst case scenario flow chart and we kept landing on the worst case side, ending with a backhoe digging out our septic tank and a pump truck coming to empty it.

Fun times, y’all.

Now, we’re just hoping that all that took care of the problem. If we don’t have anymore issues over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be in the clear. Otherwise, we could be spending a lot more money in the near future. Prayers that the problem is fixed are greatly appreciated.

In the midst of all this yesterday, we found out that a family friend, the man who introduced Brian and I over 22 years ago, was in a serious roofing accident. The last I heard, he was in ICU in serious condition. I’d appreciate your prayers for him, too…more than the prayers for our problems.

Today has been spent deep-cleaning the downstairs bathroom, washing clothes that piled up for two days, washing dishes that piled up for two days (thankfully there weren’t many of them since we weren’t cooking a lot here), and general cleaning and catching up.

Okay, so now the fun stuff…and you’d think I’d have more photos, you know, if you hadn’t just read the last few paragraphs. On Monday….{drum roll}…I got the first new (to me) car that I’ve had in over 12 years!!


I am so stinkin’ excited I can’t even tell you! It’s a 2011 Ford Edge. I’ve wanted one for over 3 years and have been patiently biding my time until we could afford it.

(Okay, really I just thought it wasn’t going to happen and I refused to take on a payment for something that wasn’t what I really wanted, so I was just going to drive the van until it quit running.)

We saw it Saturday, but didn’t think it was going to work out. Then, Monday, everything just fell into place.

I’ve had our minivan since February 2001. Because we were expecting Megan, we had to trade the Nissan Maxima that Brian and I both loved, on something that would accommodate three car seats. While I have always liked the van, it wasn’t what I would have chosen to drive, if we didn’t need to room.

Now that Brianna is 18 and we rarely all ride together anymore, we thought it was time we could justify going a bit smaller. We can all fit in the Edge if we need to, so we’re still good around town. We may have to do something else if we all go on a long trip together, but there aren’t any plans for anything like that in the near future.

I’ve had to apologize to Brian for teasing him about things like going out and driving his car just to be driving it and parking it out in the middle of nowhere when we go places. I have officially become just as bad as he is.

Brianna is happy because we didn’t trade the van in. She says she likes being able to drive it without worrying that she’s going to “break Mom’s car.” I still hope she doesn’t “break” the van, just for the record.

See? Wasn’t it much nicer ending on a happy note? It was for me. Now, let’s hope the weekend goes smoothly and we can have a better week next week.

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  1. Oh how I can relate to the septic problems! Been there; done that! It’s absolutely not a time for taking pictures! Especially if you could scratch n sniff ’em!
    I just got ris of my 99 van a few months ago! I love driving something “new.” I have to wait a few more years to go without the third row seats though! Had to settle for another van! But, God is good! It’s like new to me!
    Hope next week is less “hilly” for you!

    1. Yeah, scratch and sniff would not be good. 😉 I thought we were going to wind up settling for another van. I’m glad we didn’t, but it’s also good to still have ours for those times we need it.

  2. Oh, Kris, I am SO sorry. What a week you have had. I will pray that the “fix” will work. Congrats on the new car! Hope you have a great Mother’s day! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the new vehicle! I’d be parking in the middle of nowhere and giving people the stink eye in parking lots for coming anywhere near my baby, so it’s probably just as well that I drive an older van 🙂

    I’m glad you got the septic problems resolved. What a nightmare!

  4. Oh my – we do all take our septic system for granted. I can’t imagine going through that, especially out of nowhere! Glad it ended on a good week. Congrats on your new vehicle too!

    1. Yes, you don’t realize how much you take something for granted until you have a problem with it. I’m so glad it’s all resolved now.

  5. Congratulations on the new (to you) car! That looks like an awesome ride! Sorry about your water/septic issues. I know first hand how rough that can be, unfortunately for us ours was a back up issue :p
    Thanks for hosting the weekly wrap up each week 🙂

    Renee @ Great Peace Academy

    1. It’s not fun. I’m seriously hoping we don’t have to deal with it ever again. The car makes it all a little better, though. 🙂

  6. I visited yesterday and completely forgot to leave my link! Must have been thinking about your septic tank! Sounds a bit yucky (I’m not really sure what one is, but anything that stops the natural flow of water in and especially OUT of the house sounds icky!) Praying that it will resolves itself as of tonight and never break down again. Ever.
    Have a great week, and I hope all keeps flowing!!

    1. “Chuffed” is one of those British expressions that I don’t completely understand, but I think I get the gist of it enough to say, “Yes, I am!” 🙂 It’s like super-excited, right?

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