Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where I Considered Drinking

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Do you ever have those days – or weeks – that could drive a non-drinking person to drink? Oh, my. It’s been one of those here. Overall, the last part of the week hasn’t been too crazy, but there was a time on Tuesday when I considered just going back to bed and trying again later. It was a Murphy’s Law kind of day.

I hope the weekend is calm and peaceful.

01.28.2013 Collage

I’m definitely a check-list kind of girl. I love the Lessons-at-a-Glance pages that come with the Trail Guide to Learning Series. In the volume we’re on, Paths of Progress, the check lists are supposed to be for the kids to start taking responsibility for their own work. I love that…but I’ve still be printing off a copy for myself each week.

That bottom photo of the laptop? Yeah, that’s my old laptop. It’s the one that the girls’ math (Teaching Textbooks) is on. It died Sunday night. It will power on and load the welcome screen, but it won’t load Windows. At all.

That means that I got to spend Monday loading the girls’ math onto the ancient desktop in Josh’s room. That means that all three kids are on the same computer for math. And that the girls have to go into Josh’s room to do their math.

That may not be a big deal at your house, but at our house, it’s a huge hassle. It hasn’t failed that at some point every day this week one kid has had to wait for another kid to finish their math so that they can do theirs. It also has not failed that Josh has been run out of his own room a few times.

I’d move the desktop to another room, but we really just don’t have a spot for it. I’m hoping we can get a reasonably-priced, functional laptop soon. Nothing fancy, just something portable for schoolwork…besides my laptop.

01.29.2013 Collage

Tuesday was the big Murphy’s Law kind of day. If it could go wrong, it did. Thankfully, I had suspected that it might be a somewhat stressful day (it was more stressful than I’d thought it might be thanks to all the mishaps), so I’d already planned to order pizza for dinner. I’m so glad I did.

Lily, the cat was much more relaxed than me – except for when she was watching the birds at the birdfeeder. I was just waiting for her to crash into the window trying to get them.


Wednesday was a bit more calm. We’re really enjoying the books that go with Paths of Progress (of course, we’ve enjoyed nearly all the Trail Guide to Learning readers). Even the creatures were calm and three of them were able to co-exist on the dog bed. The fourth, Lily, was in her usual spot – the back of my chair.


Again this week I only remembered to take one picture on Thursday – my Garmin showing 10 miles completed! I was so excited! It was harder during the run this week than it was last week, but I did it! It was the first time I’d run that far in probably almost a year – since my last half-marathon last February.

It was after this run that I started feeling confident that I can not only finish the half-marathon that’s coming up in 3 weeks, but that I can also do it in a decent (for me) time. Yay!

For the weekend, I’m hoping to get some things marked off my to-do list so that I can feel a little more relaxed going into next week.  What plans do you have for the weekend?

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  1. I had one of those weeks as well. There were no major mishaps to speak of, but I was just plain SNARKY. The kids seemed to move in slow motion and school drug on until after 6pm one evening….it was then that I seriously contemplated running away from home.

    Next week will be better, yes it will. PLEASE SAY IT WILL…..

  2. Oh, I hope you can get the computer working again! I have come to LOVE Teaching Textbooks math, but that is in part because both of my children can work on it at the same time on separate computers and I can actually work on something else during that time. Great job on your training! Next week, I hope to get our school work done just a half hour earlier so our afternoons are not as rushed, trying to finish our work and head out the door for other activities. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes! That’s it — the fact that everybody could, at one point, go to their own computers and do their math while I did something else. Then, Brianna’s laptop died. Then, Megan’s ancient desktop died. Now, my old laptop. Ugh! The worst part is the only thing I don’t like about TT — it doesn’t keep their work on the disc, so we lose the gradebook and any work they’ve completed. I just have them start where they were, but still. It bugs me not to have all their work.

      Oh, well. Hope you can get finished earlier next week. I know about that rushed feeling.

      1. I would be frustrated about not having the whole gradebook, too! It would be nice if they could allow that to be backed up another way. Maybe an external drive? I will have to ask my husband about that since he is our resident IT guy. 🙂

  3. Computer sharing can be such a hassle!

    We almost lost our famliy computer this week. I’m so thankful Mr. 17 was able to fix it! We’ll be doing some necessary back ups this weekend too!

  4. I was browsing home school blogs due to the Lord laying on my heart to possibly eventually home school my kids, and ran across yours. So if you see me creep around your comments don’t get freaked out LOL. I have been trying to see what people have to say about things and different curriculum etc. I was home schooled from 5-12 grade so I am familiar with the different styles of teaching, but now that I have my own kids it’s like I have this anxiety trying to make it’s way up in me, just trying to pray through this so I can make the right decisions! Any advice would be appreciated.
    God bless

  5. We had the same problem with TT when M dropped her laptop off the couch last year. So frustrating to have to go in and enter all the previously-done lessons again! It’s probably the one not-great thing about an otherwise wonderful math program.

    Hoping that next week is better for you!

  6. I tell my kids on days/weeks like that: “Some days are like this, even in Australia” because of our favorite book when they were younger… it helps… cause some days – just- stink! 🙂 I pray next week is much better!

  7. I have those weeks all too frequently! My husband threatens to start drinking as well if I do! We would be quite a mess then I’m sure! lol I hope you find a good computer soon! Alos, thanks for the post about kindergarten curriculum. Just ordered Rocket Phonics because of it!

  8. We used to have the desktop & 2 laptops for the kids to use for school, but they broke one of them and the desktop doesn’t have the correct software anymore. So now all 5 kids share 1 laptop for schoolwork, which isn’t easy at all! I completely understand your frustration!

    Anyway, I truly hope that this week has been better for you! 🙂

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