Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where I Got to Go on a Retreat!

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By the time you read this, I’ll probably be holed up in a fancy little retreat with some blogging buddies and catered meals. It’s a happy Friday, indeed! That means, I’ll be networking and soaking up new ideas while Brian holds down the fort at home and takes the kids out to eat a lot. It’s win-win for everyone.

Monday was gloomy, rainy day, but still not bad for a Monday. Brian took the kids and met his parents for lunch, so I got some quiet time at home.

03.11.13 Collage

I still didn’t get a chance to read that stack of books that’s waiting for me, but maybe soon.

Josh was still feeling pretty rotten. He went to eat with everyone, but came home and rested quite a bit afterward. I think it was Tuesday night that he voluntarily went to bed early. It appeared to be just a cold that he’s had, but it sure has lingered. He seems to finally be over all but the cough now.

Tuesday was a gorgeous, sunshiny day. Beautiful days make me smile and we’ve had three in a row. They’ve been rather cold (for this Southern girl), but all the sunshine makes up for it.

03.13.13 Collage

Wednesday, I was inspired to make a photo of the tools of my trade – my laptop, our curriculum, and my ever-present water bottle…with it’s cool, insulated sleeve.

Then, of course, I had to make photos of the cats – an extreme close-up of the one curled in my lap and Lily, the calico. She loves the days Brian doesn’t work out and leaves his gym bag in the floor.

03.14.13 Collage

I was impressed that we still managed to get all of the kids’ schoolwork done on Thursday despite washing laundry and packing for my trip. Lest I make that sound too impressive, I did start the laundry on Wednesday.

Penny, the dog, usually sleeps with Josh, but as soon as I opened his door Thursday morning, she ran and hopped in bed with Megan, who was still trying to wake up. Luna, the cat, spends a large portion of most days perched on the back of my beat-up office chair while we do school. I’ve thought about getting a new chair, but this one is comfy and, since it’s already beat-up, I don’t worry about the cats picking it with their claws. They can’t make it much worse than it is now.

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  1. We have enjoyed great weather here too. Today it is 80. Our lawn is green.
    Ahhhh Spring!

    Glad you got to go on a retreat.

    1. We’re always in the need of landscaping around here, unfortunately, but, yes, I know what you mean.

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