Weekly Wrap-Up: The one where I’m ready to start planning

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had an amazing week and in the midst of an amazing summer. I bet lots of you started school this week. We have, in the past, started this yearly to get our six weeks on/one week off, year round school schedule to work out the way we like.

This year, however, I have teens and they have friends who don’t start until August or even until after Labor Day. Josh asked at the beginning of the summer if we could take a longer summer break this year and Megan and I haven’t been in any hurry to resume either.

So, earlier this week, I sat down and looked at our schedule. We’ve decided to start the week of the 20th because Josh has driving school all day every day that week anyway. We’re only going to take off one week between now and Thanksgiving and we’re going to work 3 days the week of Thanksgiving. That will give us enough leeway to take off from Thanksgiving until after New Year’s, as we prefer.

I’m not going to lie. Only have one break week sounds tough. We’re going to give it a shot, though.

We’ll still be making plenty of time for swimming and hanging out with friends until after Labor Day when everyone else is back in school and I don’t plan to start most of the kids’ electives until then, but I think this will prove to be a very doable schedule that will allow the kids some extra time with their friends this summer without making our heads want to explode this fall.

I think.

I’m actually kind of excited to start planning. I’ve decided to get a customized teacher planner from A Plan in Place and follow the planning tips in Blueprint Homeschooling to put together a workable outline for our year.

I’m also planning to try to get some freezer meals stockpiled. I bought a 12 Meals for $70 plan from $5 Dinners. It uses ingredients from Aldi and I really should get back in the habit of shopping there. I also bought the one for 20 meals for $150 using ingredients from Costco. Both sounded like stuff my family would actually eat, so we’ll see. I’m going to try the Aldi plan this week and see how I like it.

That’s probably not terribly exciting, but those are the highlights of my week as we prepare – already – to get into another school year.

If you want to check out my article at About.com this week, I’ve got 10 Reasons to Homeschool and Homeschool Myths. Head over and check them out!

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  1. We are supposed to start back to school on the 20th too. I need to get some freezer meals ready. Have a great week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. We’re starting again on Monday, and this will be the first time in over a year that we’ve done anything structured because we’ve been unschooling since then. The kids learned tons during this time, but we really need the routine that what I like to call “learning activities” can bring. We’re not going overboard. We’re still very relaxed when compared to other homeschoolers, but when you’ve got a lot of kids, sometimes too much free time can spell “chaos.” And we love Aldi. We shop there every other week because our grocery budget is honestly not quite large enough to equal the appetites of twelve people. Aldi can soften the blow of that- although I’ve been known to spend too much there as well! We shop at Wal-Mart the other two weeks of the month because as great as Aldi is, there’s not enough of a selection to shop there every week.

    1. That’s what I did today – went to Aldi first, then went to Walmart for everything I couldn’t get at Aldi.

  3. We start back Monday. I am looking forward to it. Kids, not so much, but they always tell me homeschool is better than public school (and sometimes to butter me up), “not to mention we have the best teacher ever.” I usually laugh when they say that and immediately follow with “What do you want?” LOL

    Best of wishes for your new school year!

  4. I will be homeschooling my oldest this next yr. She will be in preschool and after ready up on your site. I really think yr round sounds perfect. I love the flexibility but structure you can have. Thabk you for all your insight!

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