Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where I’m Still Not an Aunt

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey, look at that! I didn’t forget the Weekly Wrap-Up this week. So, what’s been going on in our world? A lot! It makes me wonder why in the world I thought I’d have some extra time during our winter break.

Monday started with a doctor’s appointment. I don’t usually tell all my business when it comes to doctor’s appointments, but this is probably funny enough to be blog-worthy. See, I had this place on my upper lip that looked like a blackhead…except it had been there for months and hadn’t responded to any normal blackhead-eradicating tactics. The dermatologist always says you should let them take a look at sores that won’t heal, so I thought I might should have it checked out.

I got there and the doctor took one look at it and said it was a {some name I don’t remember} pore. She could punch it right out and put a stitch in it.

Um, no. If it’s not cancerous, it’s not bothering me.

So, then she tried to pop it with her fingernails. (I’d already tried that.) Then she poked around on it with a needle. (I’d already tried that, too.) Then, she tried to pop it out with some little tool she had, which, incidentally, hurt like crap. (I’d actually already tried that, too, just minus the fancy tool.)

I haven’t gotten the bill yet, but basically, I just paid my doctor a ridiculous amount of money to pop my zit. {sigh}

After getting my zit popped, I did a little Christmas shopping while I was alone. Can I just say that I love Kohl’s? Thanks to sales, a percentage off coupon, a $10 off card, and Kohl’s cash, I paid less than $60 for $120 (after sale price) worth of stuff. Nice.

Tuesday was Josh’s birthday. We went out to lunch, then, met some friends for bowling and laser tag. Don’t you just love those “friend families” where all the kids love hanging out with each other and the moms do, too?

Wednesday was a very special day for me. I got to stay home. All. Day. Long.

I cleaned the basement, something that I didn’t want to do, but it’s been on my to-do list for so long that I made myself do it. I am weird. Cleaning is cathartic for me. I can’t tell you how much better I felt after cleaning the basement. I was actually looking forward to going down there to work out Thursday morning.

I told Brian at dinner (which he picked up on his way home from taking Josh to music lessons) Wednesday night that I must be a textbook introvert. I was so energized after being home all day.

Thursday was another errand day, though not as busy as Monday. Today, the kids and I will be spending some time packing MannaPack meals for Feed My Starving Children with our church and having lunch with Dad. Not a bad way to spend a Friday.

Oh, and for those who are wondering, my poor sister still has not had her baby. Yes, she’s still having contractions. Yes, she feels pretty rotten. She’d love your prayers.

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  1. Now this is just a suggestion, and I am only thinking of you, you understand, but feel free to be cathartic over in England (ie in my house). I have lots and lots of cleaning, which I would be very willing to offer up in the name of friendship. Just think how great you’d feel. A whole messy house to clean. You’d be on the very edge of Heaven. And me? I’d be a tinsy bit happy to be able to see my floor again…
    Merry, merry Christmas. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true (oh, and that your sister gives birth very soon)

  2. Praying for a safe and smooth delivery soon for your sister’s baby!
    I so relate to feeling energised after a day alone. Oh yes – bliss!! I can feel the sigh of contentment now at the thought of going to work in the cleaned basement. 🙂
    Thanks for hosting, Kris. Have a great weekend.

    1. I know. That’s what I said, too. I’d rather laugh over an expensive zit than worry over something cancerous.

  3. Oh my Kris, you had me cracking up with your very expensive zit story!! Seriously, so me.

    Thursday was my errand day too, because we’d been snowed in.

    Happy belated birthday to Josh, and prayers for your sister. What an exciting time!!

    1. It was pretty funny. I might not think so when I get the bill. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Josh and prayers for my sister. We’re still waiting.

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