Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where Most of the Kids Were Sick

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I’m so happy it’s Friday! It is an insanely gorgeous day outside, with temps in the mid-fifties and lots of lots of this almost forgotten thing we call sunshine. That makes me happy.

It also makes me happy that we’re finally getting a break from a crazy-busy week that involved two out of three sick kids and a brush fire in the woods near our house.

Monday was a gloomy, rainy day that started with a sick kid – Megan. She spent the day in my bed. I love that a big part of Trail Guide to Learning is great literature because even sick kids don’t mind lying in bed listening to a good book. Josh did what he could do independently and Megan had a sick day other than listening to what I could read aloud.

03.04.13 Collage

When Brian got home, he moved one of my bird feeders because the glare from the dining room light always hit right on the feeder, so I couldn’t see the birds very well. Now the girls are complaining because they can’t see it from where they sit. I mentioned to Brian that he may need to move it again and he’s complaining about all the holes in the front porch ceiling. The only one who isn’t complaining is Josh – he doesn’t care about watching birds. {grin}

03.05.13 Collage

Tuesday started with me taking Luna, our tortoise shell kitty, to the vet bright and early for her shelter-ordained spay – not that I would have an unspayed/neutered cat anyway, especially a female. Megan said one time that she wished we didn’t have to get Luna fixed. I told her that was only because she’d never been around an unspayed female cat. Talk about something driving a person insane!

Lily, the calico, walked around all day crying for her cat-sister. She’s really odd.

On Tuesday, I also had to go pick up my unsold clothes and my check from a local consignment sale. I got excited when I saw how few clothes I had left. Once I saw my check, though, I decided that most of them must have sold on half-price day. Oh, well. It’s more than I’d have gotten if I’d just given them away. I was thankful for my nifty Mercy House Kenya back to carry them home in.

Did you see my Mercy House shirt?

Love Mercy Shirt

Wednesday, it was back to the vet to pick up Luna, with two shelter cats in tow. The shelter posted on their Facebook page that they needed someone to transport two cats to be spayed. We offered since we were going there anyway.

03.06.13 Collage

Our sweet little kitty (the preceding comment has been verified by the vet staff, who just loved her) was happy to be home. Her crazy cat-sister, however, spent the day growling and hissing at her. Yes, this is the same cat who cried for her the whole day before. All we can figure is that Luna didn’t smell right. Or Lily really is crazy.

Wednesday was also the day Josh started coming down with whatever Megan had and feeling rotten. Sweet Penny kept him company as he lay and listened to the read-alouds and had his own sick day. He’s had another one today and I know he really is sick – he’s stayed in the bed all day and hasn’t turned on video games even once!

The left-brained/right-brained picture was something I saw on Facebook and just had to print for my very right-brained teenager.

Thursday was apparently so crazy that I didn’t take any photos. It started with a trip to the doctor for my annual skin check. The fun part of being fair and blue-eyed. I was happy that they didn’t find any spots that needed to be biopsied or burned off this time. Other then my toes turning purple (literally!) from sitting in the ice-cold room, I left the doctor unscathed.

This morning I had breakfast with my mom, who gave me a brilliant idea! I had mentioned that I wanted to put out a birdbath of some sort. She has, literally, hundreds of birds at her feeders and she told me that her three birdbaths are all repurposed candle or plant stands and bowls.

Well, I just happened to have an old, pitiful, rusty plant stand and a bowl fit that in the top just right, so now I have a bath for my birds – for free!


I haven’t seen any birds in it yet, but I bet it doesn’t take long.

Megan and I went to the shelter to walk dogs this afternoon. When we got home, there were fire trucks everywhere. At first, I thought something was going on at one of the houses – then I noticed the smoke coming from the woods down the road from us. There was a pretty big brush fire back there!

Thankfully, they got it out pretty quick and there were no damage to any houses. That was our excitement for the day, though…I hope!

I’ve got a to-do list a mile long, but I’ve also got a pretty free weekend to tackle it. Thanks to getting an early start on it today, I’m thinking that it’s going to be a productive, restful weekend around here.

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  1. I (weirdly) had a similar week! We had our newly adopted male rabbits ‘done’ to stop one of them being killed by the other (how could their previous owners not have noticed??- we’re talking severely underweight, cuts, bruises and scabs all over one of them, including a nail embedded in his back) and four of my five have been throwing up for the past day or so! I hope your guys are on the road to recovery and you have a restful weekend!

    1. Wow! A nail in his back? Poor rabbit! I had no idea they neutered rabbits. Makes sense, though. I hope your kiddos are also on the road to recovery. It’s no fun being sick.

  2. Sorry the kiddos weren’te feeling well. One of mine was like that week before last. You know they are miserable when they choose to not watch tv or play video games!

    The rest of the week sounds good. Love the left brain/right brain picture…that explains a LOT.

  3. That was a good post to read…sans the sick kids…it was my kids and me last week so…I know what all too well about that but still the post was pleasant to read. Thanks for hosting the wrap up.

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