Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where We’re Counting Down the Weeks

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Weekly Wrap-Up

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! We’re in the final countdown to summer break and we’re all ready. The weather has been so nice lately and we just can’t wait until summer. This week has flown by in a constructively busy kind of way and we’re rather hoping the next several weeks do the same.

I’m kind of blah today. I wonder if any of you experience something like this. I find that it happens to me quite often on Fridays. I look forward to Friday all week. It’s our light school day, as long as we stay caught up, and is, in theory, the day that I can catch up on housework and online commitments (the work from home stuff, not the Words with Friends stuff).

I get up at only slightly later than my usual time on Fridays, but I let the kids sleep in, so it would seem that I could get a lot accomplished. It frequently happens, though, that before I know it, the afternoon is here and I feel that I’ve accomplished little. I’ve been busy and haven’t goofed off, but it just seems like the day doesn’t feel as productive as I’d thought it would and that leaves me feeling frustrated and a little down.

Does that happen to anyone else or am I just weird? Send me your psychotherapy bill. I’ll put paying it on my list of things to do one Friday. {grin}

I added in a couple of things when we resumed school this week. One is short-term – an art project from See the Light. We’re doing the Paper Jungle project. It’s been fun so far and at least one kid (Brianna) is already excited about the way hers is turning out. I like when that happens.


The other thing is I’ve added silent reading time back to our day. All the kids were already reading books for school silently every day, but we used to have a daily time of reading whatever we chose for 30 minutes after lunch each day. I quit after a while because Josh and Megan weren’t reading strongly on their own at the time and they really complained about the reading time.

Now that they are both reading well – and Megan constantly has a stack of in progress books – I thought it would be fun to add that time back in again. So far, so good. No one has complained and at least one of us (me) really enjoys having time to focus on reading each day. I’m usually a fiction girl, but I’ve really been enjoyed reading Platform by Michael Hyatt.

Megan started gymnastics a few weeks ago. She’d been asking for awhile, but I was trying to wait until the new session of classes started – and we missed the start and wound up starting mid-session anyway. I wish we’d started mid-session last time because she loves it!


(They love this basket. No, this photo isn’t posed. Have you ever tried to pose a cat?)

She’s working hard to learn what she needs to know to move to the next class as quickly as possible, though, because the only thing she doesn’t like is being the oldest in her class. I’ve explained that many, many kids start gymnastics at 3 and 4 years old, so she may always be the oldest in her class, but it doesn’t matter as long as she’s having fun.

Tonight is Brianna’s senior prom. She’s spent the day off getting beautified. I’ll be sure and post some photos next week. Right now all I have is the “before” and I’m guessing she doesn’t want me posting that until I can post the “after” with it.

Tomorrow is Brian’s first 5K – I finally talked him into running one with me! Now, we’re both hoping that it doesn’t rain the whole time. It’s not especially fun to run in the rain. Unless it’s summer, then, it feels pretty good. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow, though, so we hope it won’t rain.

I think those are the highlights for me this week, though it passed so quickly, it’s hard to say.

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  1. How lovely you get to run together! I hope the weather’s just right for running 5K (whatever just right is- I don’t run so I don’t have a clue! But I’ll pray for happy weather!)
    We have an hour of quiet time reading a day. It is a saviour to my mental health.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Your comments always make me smile, Claire. They’re always so thoughtful. The temps that are expected for tomorrow are perfect for running…as long as it doesn’t rain. We’re hoping!

  2. Hi Kris, thanks for hosting!
    Good for Megan with the gymnastics. My daughter is in the same boat – she’s (a tall) 9 and towers above the rest of the girls in the gym class she started recently – they all started at age 2 and 3. I told her the same thing happened to me with swimming when I was young, and I’m a great swimmer now so I’m very glad I stuck with it!

    1. I bet your story about sticking with swimming is very encouraging for your daughter. I’ll have to tell Megan about that.

  3. Your kitties are just adorable! Yes, I have actually tried to pose cats… LOL! Not doing that again… We have two cats that look like the darker one … our fur babies!

    1. Yeah, trying to convince a cat to do something he or she doesn’t want to do usually isn’t a good idea. 🙂

  4. Love reading your blogs:) just recently diving into the homeschooling scene for my 3 and 4 yr old. I enjoy your perspective. Have a great weekend!

  5. No you are not alone. I have days where we get a lot accomplished, but it feels as if it nothing. We are also counting down until the end of school. I think that this is the first year. I am more counting down because that means more freedom. We have 4 weeks until our Co-op ends and we end the following week. I am ready for summer break.

  6. You’re not the only one. Yesterday, I sat down at the computer for a few minutes before the two older kids got up and by the time I lifted my head it was noon. Not a shining moment in parentdom!

    We’re testing See the Light too this month, the Pointillism project, and I’ll be curious to see your final comments on the Paper Jungle.

    A side note for Brianna: M, 12, is always the oldest in her swim class because she started late. I told her to look at it as a chance to improve her own skills rather than as a competition. She says she feels like the Jolly Green Giant, though, so Brianna isn’t alone in feeling awkward!

  7. I do hope you’re going to post beautified prom pics! Have a great weekend. Oh, and BTW I think I feel the way you do on Fridays just about everyday! But sometimes our days just drag on and on!!

  8. Yep, I know all about days slipping away from me. The trick, for me at least, is to know what my goals for the day are and to do the major one or two first. Anything else I get done is a bonus.

    It also helps that my son has a before school babysitting job, so we all know when it’s time to get going. Being scheduled is a real pain, but it does have some benefits!

  9. Oh girl. I get up early and that still happens to me!
    I just talked to my hubby about the couch to 5K Program. I thought it might be neat for all of us.
    We shall see!
    Tell your daughter to stick it out. If she likes it and is good at it, that is all that matters. Plus – there is nothing more beautiful than a tall, thin, graceful gymnast doing the bars. LOVE!
    Anyway – sounds like another great week.

    1. She really does enjoy it. It’s fun to watch your kids do something that they truly enjoy. Good luck on that C5K!

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