Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with all the end-of-summer activities

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had an amazing week. We’ve had a good one. It’s been a little strange, though, getting back into the swing of school with so many friends still on summer break. I am sticking with my commitment to be flexible, however, since it won’t be long until everyone is back to the school year routine.

Monday, Megan was invited to go swimming with a friend, so she did the majority of her schoolwork Sunday night. The kids know that I don’t care when their schoolwork gets done as long as it gets done.

After all that, the girls were a bit disappointed when a summer storm ended the pool fun about an hour into their outing. They did get to hang out at the friend’s house for awhile, so it was all good – well, until I had to drive through a monsoon to go get her. I really should pay more attention to the weather forecast.

Josh was invited to lunch with the grandparents while Megan was gone, so Monday afternoon netted me some quiet work time before everyone got back home to finish up school before heading off to music lessons.

cats in boxesTuesday, Megan wound up with late afternoon plans with her friend again. It was a good thing she prefers doing school at night when the house was quiet. She already had most of her work completed and only needed help with a few math problems before she left.

Let me just say, it’s kind of weird doing pre-algebra and algebra back-to-back. I’d like to think it keeps my mind young and my brain active, but I have really done some crazy, forgetful stuff lately. Oh, well. It does make me feel better that algebra makes a lot more sense now than it did the first time around.

Wednesday was a family swim day with friends. We took a carload of teenagers since a couple of Josh’s friends went with us. Apparently that wasn’t enough, because I picked up Megan’s friend after dinner, giving us a total of five teenagers in the house.

Five teenagers, y’all. It’s a good thing they’re such awesome kids. Seriously, I’ve told Josh and Megan that if they do as good a job of choosing spouses as they do choosing friends, we’re going to have some amazing kids-in-law some day.

pin it maps

With all the activities of the week, Thursday was a nose-to-the-grindstone kind of day, though the kids had really done a good job of keeping up with their schoolwork. Megan had a lot of fun labeling maps with a fun new product we’re using – Pin It Maps. I’ll be doing a review next month, but Megan has already said it’s a lot more fun doing map work this way.

I had a couple of articles at About.com this week. I tackled a couple of common homeschooling challenges – Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers and How to Homeschool Multiple Ages.

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  1. Busy kids in your house! It’s neat to see how independent they are – that’s something I’m (slowly!) working on with my 6th grade daughter.

    Pin it Maps looks very cool! Looking forward to reading your review.

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