Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with another birthday

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week! It’s been another good, fairly productive one here. The highlight of the week was Josh’s birthday – he turned 15. He had a great time playing laser tag and hanging out with friends.

wuhs sibs

After laser tag, they came over for pizza and a jam session – it’s a lot of fun when your friends are musical, too. Josh got to play his birthday/Christmas gift – his new guitar. We hated to give it to him before Christmas, but he had two shows this month and really, really wanted to play it. Plus, he overheard a conversation he shouldn’t have (a complete accident by all parties involved) and already knew he was getting it.


His one friend cracked me up. Josh has been wanting this one video game. His buddy put the game in a Lego Star Wars box and even threw some old Lego pieces in the box so it would rattle correctly if Josh shook it.


Josh opened it and you could see the look on his face – you know the one where you’re disappointed, but you want to be polite and not show it. He opened the box, hoping it was a trick and we got a real smile when he realized it was.

I love clever friends. Those moments are priceless.

And, of course, there was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. All birthdays in our home require DQ ice cream cakes.


When you’re 15, it’s more fun to light your own candles.

In other news, Megan got her first gymnastics injury. It’s not too bad; she just twisted her ankle pretty good. It wasn’t bad enough to go to the doctor or anything – just a few days of icing it, wearing a brace, and taking a bit of ibuprofen.

Kitty Collage

Cat photos just for Erin

Just a couple of things you might want to know before I go. First, Freshi Learning Online that Brianna used last year (and still has access to, but she’s rarely home anymore) is having a huge sale for Christmas. If you’ve got a kid who’s interested in things like stop-motion animation, digital filmmaking, or video game design, you should check it out.

Also, Thrively, the online strength assessment survey I reviewed awhile back is having a giveaway. It ends Sunday, but winners will receive a $50 gift card to spend at AfterSchool.com, which sells gear for a variety of different sports and activities.

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  1. I love the birthday present trick – how ingenious to put the Lego pieces in for the authentic rattle! I’m jealous of those Dairy Queen cakes again… Thanks for the Freshi link. We’ve all just been doing our Hour of Code so we’ll be checking that one out. Have a great weekend. I hope Megan’s ankle makes a full recovery so she can get back in the gym soon.

    1. Thanks, Lucinda. So far, Megan’s ankle hasn’t kept her from practicing – which is probably not a great thing. After tonight, she doesn’t have practice again until Tuesday, so I’m hoping that will give it time to heal.

  2. Awesome gift idea 😉 I bet that was fun. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!! Oh and the cat photos are adorable 😉

  3. Oh my goodness what’s Lucy doing at your house? (Lucy is my moggy and looks just like your cat in the top photo. And I mean just like her. It could be her.)
    Happy birthday Josh! I love the photo of him and Megan – definitely one to put up on the wall.

  4. We will be getting a DQ Ice Cream Cake this weekend ourselves. It is not a requirement but it is common for birthdays on my wife’s side. It is her brother’s birthday and we will be celebrating Sunday night.

    1. Yes, I loved that smile, too, Joesette. It was one of those moments where I was reminded of what a good heart he has. Thank you for the well-wishes on the injured ankle. I get the impression that it feels just fine now, but she’s still enjoying the attention. I could be wrong, but that’s what my mother’s intuition says. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to your son. I do love the birthday gift trick.:-) And sorry about the gymnastics injury. It does happen. This will be my daughter’s third year competing, and she hasn’t had anything really serious, but there have been lots of minor bumps and bruises and twists and sprains.

  6. Happy [belated] birthday to Josh! I hope Megan’s ankle is better by now, and I have to say I just love that first cat photo because he looks like he’s giving you THE LOOK about taking his photo. 😉

    1. That particular cat has perfected THE LOOK and the attitude to go with it (except, she loves me {grin}), so I’m quite sure that’s exactly what she was doing. 🙂

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