Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with More Snow

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a fun week! It’s been a bit crazy, but fun. Monday started off well with the grandparents taking the kids to lunch, while Brian and I sneaked away for a quick lunch date. We just had a Cheddar’s open in our area and we’ve been waiting for the new to wear off so it wasn’t so crowded. We were able to walk in and be seating right away.

I had been planning on getting the chicken and waffles that I’d heard were good, but I wound up getting an amazing chicken sandwich instead. Brian and I both enjoyed it and are looking forward to going back.

When we got home, we wound up doing an abbreviated school day because Josh really wasn’t feeling well. He was feeling badly enough that he said he wished he’d just stayed home and he went back to bed shortly after he got back. We got some reading done on the couch and doubled up on some assignments to catch up throughout the week.

Fast forward to Thursday, since that’s when we had all the fun. First, we got a really big (for us) snow – 8 inches! It was the best kind of snow. It was beautiful, fluffy stuff that started melting really quickly once the sun rose and the temps heated up quickly into the forties. Brian and I had been talking about how if we could just get a couple of paths cleared in the driveway, it would all melt quickly. The same for the roads.

Snow Day Collage

Brian set to work clearing the driveway and while he was out there, something that you rarely see in the south came by – a truck with a plow on the front. Once he cleared the roads a bit, everything dried up pretty quickly, so we got to enjoy the beauty of the snow (and the fun of snowballs) without dealing with the slippery mess on the roads.

The kids also got to enjoy something they haven’t had in years – snow cream! And, I say “the kids,” but Brian and I had our fair share, too. Man, that’s good stuff! (And especially fun in cups that change colors when they get cold.)

Snow Cream Collage

We didn’t take a snow day because, after the last snow, the kids weren’t especially interested in playing in it this time. That actually makes me a little sad since it could be years before we get this much snow again. My babies are growing up.

Since we didn’t take a snow day, we worked on our cell cake, which the kids really enjoyed. I like when we do things that they get excited about. Not only that, but I really think the project helped cement the jobs of the various organelles in their minds. I know I’ll remember them.

Cell Cake Collage

Those are the highlights of my week. How was yours?

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  1. The snow is so beautiful!! We’ve just got rain and flooding, which is no fun at all.
    I adore your cake, especially the green icing(!) and all the sweeties. Can I have a slice, please…..pretty, pretty please?

  2. Oh I wish we could just come play in the snow for a day 😉 BUT I don’t want to get stuck. LOL Looks like a nice week and glad Josh is getting better. That cake looks really awesome!!

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed the snow! I’ve never made snow cream but I think we’ll have to try that some time. Love the cell cake – edible science is the best kind of science! Happy weekend.

    1. I agree – edible science (or any other subject for that matter!) is always best. It’s tasty and you don’t have to worry about storing the finished project. 🙂

  4. Aw! My kiddo is only 18 months old, but seeing posts like yours make me so excited for when he’s older and we can do activities like that!

    I also am a little jealous of your snow. I left Michigan, and live in the Netherlands now- we had snow one time, and it didn’t even stick.

  5. We ended up with about 16 inches of snow. The roads are a mess here, with another 2-5 inches forecasted for tonight. The kids have had a blast building snow forts and sledding, the hubby and I have had great upper body work outs while shoveling.

    The cell cake rocks!

  6. We are currently stationed in SC, but having just come from Alaska, we brought out our snow thrower to help clear our cul-de-sac. We enjoyed the snow and took advantage of the fluffy to make homemade ice cream 😉 I am glad you have a shovel. Some folks didn’t down here, snow being so rare.

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