Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the sad goodbye and the clean garage

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, friends! Is it just me or has this week flown by? It could be because I’ve been so busy. It’s been a bit of a gloomy week here with rain every day and a pretty powerful storm yesterday. Thankfully, there have been enough bits of sunshine each day that I haven’t gone stir-crazy yet.

It’s kind of a sad week since Wednesday was Megan’s gymnastic coach’s last day. We really couldn’t have asked for a better coach and we’re really going to miss him.


We’re having a “surprise” party for him tonight. I say surprise with quotes because if you really want something to be a surprise, you shouldn’t tell a team full of girls. He’s known about the party almost since the moment it was planned. {grin} At least once a week at the end of practice, he reminds parents that he’ll see them at the surprise party that he doesn’t know anything about.

Y’all know that the workbooks that the kids have asked for make me want to poke my eyes out. Still, it seems to be a really good fit for them and it’s been interesting watching them take ownership of their education.

For example, Megan has figured out that it makes more sense to do the first three days of spelling in one day because it’s all related – looking up the words, determining their parts of speech, and using them in a sentence. Once that’s out of the way, she can just study them the rest of the week.

Josh really likes science and the way it’s set up, but he is under no delusions about history. It’s his worst subject because the way it’s set up is difficult for his dyslexic mind to process. He asked for help this week (a small miracle) and we worked through it together. He seems to have a much better grasp on this chapter than he has on previous ones. I hope his quiz tomorrow confirms that.


Random artsy photo of one of his guitars that Josh took months ago so this wouldn’t be a sad, photo-less post

We also made some changes to math – they use Teaching Textbooks – and that seems to be going much better, as well. The changes have been small – just a bit more oversight from me and some dedicated time with me each afternoon to cover the more difficult concepts. Thankfully, algebra is proving to be much easier the second time around.

In case you missed it here on the blog this week, I finished up the homeschool questions and answers series, offered some insight about college alternatives, and I’m hosting a History Unboxed giveaway.

I also posted a couple of articles at About.com: Should I Homeschool and How to Fit in all the Homeschool Extras.

My biggest accomplishment this week, besides catching up on some online work I’d gotten behind on – was fixing my printer. It wouldn’t print, scan, or even copy. I don’t know what it was in a snit about, but I wound up having to uninstall and reinstall it. Then, I had to run the program to reestablish the wireless connection. I always feel rather accomplished when I can fix those little things myself.

Oh, you know what? I take that back. My biggest accomplishment this week was cleaning my garage. I should have taken before-and-after pictures. Every time I walk through the garage now, I say, “My garage looks so nice.” {grin}

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  1. Kris, have you reviewed the workbook curricula your kids are using yet? I thought you’d mentioned the name of it, but can’t find it.

    1. Hi, Suzanne. No, I haven’t reviewed the curriculum and probably won’t. It’s not something that I received for the purpose of reviewing and the jury is still out as to whether or not I’d recommend it. There are some things we really like about it and some things we really don’t. It’s Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum if you’d like to check it out.

  2. LOVE your site! My 4 are almost all out of the nest now, but I also homeschooled and graduated my last two. Ah, the precious memories (and hard work) that we have from those special years. We used Teaching Textbooks and Math U See.
    Thank you for your hospitality! I’m going to look around your site some more!

  3. A clean garage is a gigantic achievement! Around here, clean anything is an achievement 😉 We used Teaching Textbooks for my big boys too, we really liked it. Well, most of us. I ended up using the Key To series to get Fox through his senior math since it’s less intense, and it was obvious he wasn’t going into a mathematical field. I’m glad you guys had an official goodbye with the coach. That’s very sweet and good closure for everyone!

  4. A clean garage is a great accomplishment but yah you should have take pics. 🙂 I tacked our camping closet this week, with an embarrassing before pic but a great after shot.

    1. I did make my son and his two friends, who had spent the night, come out and admire it since they’d seen it at its worst. They were suitably impressed.

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