Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the summer miscellany

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had an amazing week. My family has been thoroughly enjoying our summer break.

Following a day on the lake with her life group (church small group), Megan spent the night with her BFF Sunday night. Her friend was having her wisdom teeth removed Monday morning.

Megan went under the guise of lending moral support and providing companionship afterwards, but I think she was really hoping to get some YouTube-worthy post-op footage of her friend being loopy.

She was disappointed as there was no note-worthy loopiness. Oh, well. Maybe she’ll provide viral video material when it’s her turn to have her wisdom teeth removed.

So, I have decided, once again (and hopefully once and for all) to get rid of this weight I’ve put back on. I’ve been updating old blog posts and have been inspired by my own weight-loss story. How weird is that?

This week, I’m focusing on cutting out Spark (a vitamin/energy drink) which I love, but I know it isn’t good for me. I really should have never started it.

It contains artificial sweetener, which I’ve always thought was very unhealthy, but I ignored that because the Spark helped alleviate my afternoon slump. It was around the time I started drinking it that I started gaining again. Brian is cutting it out, too, because he has also packed on quite a few extra pounds over the last few years.

So, anyway, no Spark, eating healthier, and cutting my tea consumption back down to a couple of servings a day was on the agenda for this week. I ate quite a bit fewer calories Sunday and drank less tea. Then, I got up Monday morning, walked the neighborhood with my sister, and did not drink my Spark before heading out for a doctor’s appointment.

I didn’t eat either. I don’t usually eat until later in the morning, but that combo had me feeling completely rotten by the time my doctor’s appointment was over. Brian and I went to Chick-fil-A where I just picked at my salad because I was feeling very nauseated. I decided to cut myself some slack on the tea and had two refills.

Sweet tea saved the day! {grin} The rest of the week has gone much better. I haven’t had any Spark and have kept my tea consumption at a reasonable level (and have started scaling back the sugar) with no caffeine headaches. I’ve eaten well, too, so I’m hoping to see a loss on the scale Sunday morning.

Penny and Gus

What’s wrong with this picture? Yeah, you’d think the dog would get the most space on the dog bed, wouldn’t you? Not Penny. She’s a pushover.

Wednesday was another swim day at a our friends’ house. We’re on a roll – no sunburns for my vampire children yet! Then, we went to dinner before dropping Megan off at the church for a high school game night.

Brian and I have also been working on the very serious task of refreshing our memories with a Bourne movie marathon in preparation for the new movie that’s coming out later this month. I guess it’s not really a marathon since we’re just watching a movie here and there over the next couple of weeks, but that was more fun to say.

Thursday, Josh and Megan went to the church to work (I love that Josh can drive them!) and Brianna had to work, so I had a day at home alone. It was a fairly productive day, which was good since Thursday tends to be one of my busiest.

We ended Thursday with another swim night at my mom’s house. See? Thoroughly enjoying summer break.

Today, I’ve got to do some grocery shopping before meeting a friend for lunch. Our local Wal-Mart has started a service where you can order your groceries online, then arrange a pick-up time where they’ll bring them out to your car.

I haven’t looked into how much it costs yet, but I’m seriously considering giving it a try. It would be such a time-saver! It would probably be a money-saver, too, since I wouldn’t be wandering around finding things that I just have to have.

Now, I’m going to enjoy a couple more days of not thinking about school before I start doing some planning next week. I’ve got to figure out our start date, but I’m sure it’s going to be 3-4 weeks later than usual this year (which means I’ll also have to figure out where to make up the time) since July is a busy month.

Megan has a rafting trip next week with the church, Josh and Brian are going to a concert that following Saturday, and. Megan leaves for a mission trip that Sunday.

She’ll be gone for a week, which includes Brian’s birthday. Then, it’s a quiet week or two before I’m supposed to take Megan and her friend to a concert. Then, I’m going to drag Brian to the Southeast Homeschool Expo with me. I think we’ll hit the IKEA store while we’re in Atlanta since I’ve never been to it.

See? Busy month. I’ll probably be ready to stay home and start school after that.

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  1. It sounds like a great week, other than the nauseated day. Good for you to get back on track with the weight issue. Will you do a weekly weight loss post like you did before? I found that so encouraging in my struggle! Unfortunately, your struggle ended better than mine that go around, but I’m back on the wagon (or treadmill, ahem) now!

    1. I’m not sure that I’ll do a weekly weight-loss post again. I’ll ponder it after summer break. I’m glad to hear that it was encouraging, though. I’m surprised to find how encouraged I’ve been to go back and read them – especially the ones where I struggled for weeks in a row. In my rose-colored memory, the whole weight-loss thing was a breeze until time to move to maintenance mode. It’s been encouraging to me to be reminded that I struggled back then, too – and I persevered.

  2. I was thinking about weight loss inspiration today and thought of you. I followed you during your weight loss and found it incredibly inspiring. Good Luck in your new journey. I will be looking forward to any updates that you give.

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