Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with what feels like the first week of school in the books

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! We made it! We survived our first week of everybody-at-home-doing-almost-a-full-load school. Well, we mostly survived. Mountain Dew may or may not have gotten knocked over onto a laptop by a really obnoxious dog who was trying to get to some uneaten lasagna.

Obviously, it was not my laptop because the dog is still alive. We have thoroughly cleaned the laptop and are patiently letting it air dry for a couple of days before we attempt to power it back up. I think prayers would not be out of line here, though I know there are much more important things to pray about.

It hasn’t been an especially exciting week, which is always a good thing in my book. Wednesday was our busiest day. It started with an early morning trip to the vet, trying to beat the crowd since it’s a walk-in clinic that doesn’t take appointments. Even though I did successfully beat the crowd, it didn’t diminish my wait time much. I was there for an hour.

Our littlest kitty, Jack has an eye issue going on. We thought he got injured in that eye (claw + roughhouse = injury), but it may have just been the start of a cold because, after a week of applying eye ointment three times a day, the one eye is much improved, but the other one is now weepy and he’s sneezing.


She cracks me up sleeping like this.

So, my cat is now on ointment in both eyes three times a day and amoxicillin twice a day. Seriously, they’re as bad as kids.

After we got home from the vet, I squeezed in a bit of work before getting the kids up to do some school before heading for some swimming with friends. Then, it was home for a quick change before heading back out to grab a quick dinner on the way to what I thought would be a short meeting at church.

It was not a short meeting.

Sunday is the grand-opening of our new worship center. We got a tour – it’s really awesome – and had meetings about how the changes are going to affect us in our individual areas. Brianna and I work in the nursery, Josh works on the tech team, and Brian is a greeter. Megan got roped into help in childcare for the parents who were in meetings.

Josh wound up being there quite a while since they had to go through checks of all the equipment for Sunday. By the time I ran a couple of errands, it was after 9 PM by the time we got home. {sigh}

There has been so exciting stuff happening on the blog this week! First, I’m hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to shop the store at A Plan in Place. That means you can customize your own planner! I am really enjoying mine and I discovered that the dry erase space inside the front cover is the perfect surface to replace scratch paper when helping the kids with math.

A Plan in Place Homeschool Teacher Planners

Next, did you see Tara’s review of Dave Raymond’s American History? It looks amazing – and it’s on sale for half-off until next Wednesday!

I also offered tips for how to easily incorporate nature study in your homeschool on About.com this week.

Those are the highlights of my week. Now it’s your turn!

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  1. It’s not good that your kitty has an eye problem (or that you had to pay vet bills!) but I’m cracking up at the thought of a sneezing kitty. 😉 You might need to do a little instagram video of that.

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