Weekly Wrap-Up: The Really Busy One Before Spring Break

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Happy Friday! Really Happy Friday to me since we’re on a much-needed spring break next week! Plus, I’ll be headed to the 2:1 Conference next Friday. How many of you will I see there? Check this out: I’ll be an attendee, a panelist, and a sponsor. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but I’ve got all my hats lined up and ready to be worn.

I had purchased my ticket and was planning to attend anyway. Then, I was asked to be part of the blogger-brand panel and my friends at Lexercise asked if I would man a booth on their behalf. I can’t wait!

This has been an insanely busy week. We haven’t had much going on, really. I think it all stems from trying to keep up with all the posts in the fitness accountability group I set up on Facebook last week. Wow, that place is rocking with encouragement, tips, and support. I love it! I managed to workout all 5 days this week, which is an area where I’ve really been slacking, and I’ve logged all my food so far. I’m quite proud of that fact.

I think the busyness of this week is going to pretty much be par for the course for the next couple of months. We have a wedding this weekend. Monday, I have to take Brianna to get all her shots for her mission trip next month. Next weekend is the 2:1 conference. I’ve got a race the following weekend (which is all that’s going on that particular weekend, so maybe it will be a bit of a break) and a wedding the last weekend of the month.

Then, next month, I’m attending two homeschool conferences – Teach Them Diligently in Nashville as a blogger representative and NCHE as a vendor for Geography Matters (the Trail Guide to Learning publishers).

Yeah, this introvert may need a vacation in June.

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  1. Huge compliment to be so popular!! I’m exhausted just reading about everything you’re doing…I think I’ll just go for a quick lie down! Enjoy yourself and don’t get your hats mixed up!

  2. Wow! That’s sounds like a lot. I’m sure you’ll have a great time at all and just think of all the memories 🙂 Have a great week.

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