Weekly Wrap-Up: The Spring Break Edition

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday…I guess. The Friday at the end of spring break is never quite as happy as the Friday before. It has been an insanely busy week headed into what I fully expect will be two more insanely busy weeks. Still, it’s nice to have break weeks to take care of things like eye exams (check) and hair cuts (check). It has, however, been the sort of week that makes me wonder how we ever have clean laundry.

Other than eye exams and hair appointments, the most visibly productive thing I’ve done this week is order a new phone. My Droid, which I have loved, has not been wanting to play nicely lately. It hasn’t held a battery charge worth a flip and you should see some of the texts it has sent. It just randomly adds words and letters and sends the text before I can fix them. No joke. I can only imagine the utter confusion and helpless laughter of the recipients.

I was leaning toward an iPhone since high quality photos were a prime consideration for me. Hey, I’m a blogger. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay iPhone prices, though, and I do love the Android operating system, so I finally opted for a Samsung Galaxy 4S. It’s supposed to be here today, so that should give me the weekend to play.

I’ve also spent some time this week considering high school curriculum. I’ve got lots of ideas jotted down and I’ll be sharing them with you soon, in case you’re curious. Probably not until after these back-to-back travel weekends, though. I’m starting to break out in hives just thinking about that. (Not really.)


(Our school table midway through the day on an average day)

On a totally random note, I’ve been watching past seasons of Bones on DVD. You may recall that I discovered the show while I was at the hospital waiting for my niece to be born. The way I watch is a convoluted mess. I started at the beginning with Season 1 for my treadmill-walking viewing pleasure. Then, after we finished Castle, Brian wanted to start watching it with me. We started with Season 5 in our room since the earlier seasons are in my workout room.

That means that this week I have finished both Season 3 and Season 6. I watched the last episode of Season 3 just before Brian got home on Tuesday. I knew basically what was going to happen because I accidentally came across a spoiler online (grrrr!), but it still made me cry. Yes, really.

When Brian came home, I mentioned to him that Bones had made me cry. A few hours later, at supper, he looked at me kind of funny and asked why my nose had been red earlier. “Because Bones made me cry,” I said.

His reply, sounding rather surprised, was “You were serious about that?”

Um, yeah. I don’t know why, but I found the whole exchange terribly amusing. Not quite as amusing as this, though:

cat drinking out of bird bath

I don’t know what to think about a cat who insists on drinking out of a nasty bird bath even though she has a clean bowl of fresh water. Freak.

I guess those are the highlights from my not-so-interesting-but-very-busy week. Will I see any of you at Great Homeschool Conventions in Cincinnati next week? Stop by the Geography Matters booth and say hi if you’re there!

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  1. Things are really subdued this week at our house. My mum, who lives next door, has had to have her second cat (in the past four months) put down. The first was only 4 years old and had cancer of the heart and the second was 16 and just very old. She is heart broken, as are the children. I sometimes wonder why we do this to ourselves. Maybe having no pets is the solution. That said, a home without pets just doesn’t seem like a home at all, so I guess we will all simply have to deal with the devastation they cause when they die.
    I’ll be praying for all to go well whilst you’re away. Just take Bones with you, and all will be well! (Psst – tell Brian I cried too, although I’m certain my nose wasn’t red!)

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s cat. It is so hard when pets die. I cried for days over Gus the First. Still, I can’t imagine not having pets…well, unless I’m trying to figure out what to do with them when it’s time to go on vacation. Then, I do daydream about not having them. Not for long, though.

  2. Hmmm, a new phone. I keep debating whether I want to get one or not. Mine is an old-school, flip phone without a camera even. {Yes, they still make those apparently- or perhaps not as it’s probably a refurbished one.} I just can’t see spending that much money… someday…maybe

    And that cat… maybe she likes bird-flavored water? You know, just a little bit more flavor. Ewww. LOL.

  3. Phew – I was starting to worry about the lack of cat photos 🙂

    Have you read the books by Kathy Reichs that inspired the show Bones? If not, you’re in for a treat. She’s a real-life ME and her novels are super interesting. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show but it looks like they took the “feel” without necessarily using the same exact plots (kind of like the the Jeff Lindsay Dexter novels, which make me laugh out loud).

    1. See? I knew you’d appreciate the cat photo. She’s crazy. 🙂

      I have seen the books by Kathy Reichs, but I haven’t read any of them yet. I never have time to read anymore. {sigh}

    1. I should just forward you the one it sent recently. It was awful. I mean, it was funny later, but I told the recipient that I’m glad it didn’t pick up my voice for talk-to-text. I’d have hated for her to have thought I was saying those things to her instead of my phone! LOL

  4. I thought I wouldn’t like an iPhone because I’m not a big Apple fan. But I got one as part of a promotion and didn’t have to pay that much. And I do love the camera. And it’s easier to use than my Android was. But, I am a fan of Android also. 🙂

    1. She cracks me up. The other indoor/outdoor kitty does that, too, but he didn’t start until she did. 🙂

  5. You will LOVE the Galaxy 4!! The camera is amazing on it and there’s even some manual controls. In fact, I seldom carry my heavy Nikon around anymore and just take pics with my cell phone. Most of the pics I take for my blog now are actually cell phone pics, unless they are ones that I would actually enlarge and possibly print.

    1. That’s good to know. I can’t wait to get it and start playing. FedEx usually comes through our neighborhood really early in the morning, but, of course, since I’m waiting on something I haven’t seen them today. 🙂

  6. I know exactly which episode of Bones you are referring to. My husband and I have been watching on Netflix, too. I still can’t decide if it was good or weird. I agree with the previous commenter that recommended the Kathy Reichs books. They are good (as long as you don’t try to compare them to the TV show, because they are totally different.)

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