Weigh-In: Out-of-Whack Routines

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Weekly Weigh-In

Okay, so it’s quickly becoming evident that my blogging is going to pretty much be hit or miss around here this summer.  My blogging routine, just like everything else, is completely out of whack with summer here.  First, I’ll just update you on my weight loss since I haven’t done that in a while.  Last week, I lost 0.4 lbs.  This week, I gained it back.  So, over the last two weeks, I’ve simply maintained.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s evidence of a fact that I shared with a friend last week:  I’m at a point in my weight loss journey where I’ve really got to guard against complacency.

See, I’m at a weight now that’s the lowest I’ve been in over a decade.  I’m still in the obese range, for my height, weight, and BMI.  However, I feel and look so much better than I have in so long that I’m happy with where I am.  I don’t want to stay at this weight and I’m not giving up, by any means, but I don’t have the same sense of urgency I had at the beginning.  I know the weight is going to come off and I know I’m going to reach my goal, so I’m not as motivated by big numbers on the scale as I was at the beginning.

That, combined with the fact that my schedule is completely off this summer, makes complacency a huge enemy of mine right now.  I am very much a night owl, so during the summer I like to stay up late and sleep late in the mornings.  However, the classes I enjoy taking at the Y are still on the same schedule, so I don’t have much time between my morning workout and my afternoon one (if I’m going to do a class), which is making it really hard to make those afternoon classes.

I thought it would be so much easier to lose weight during the summer, with all the fresh fruits and veggies in season.  I hadn’t counted on the scheduling issues…or the cookouts.  Sure I could throw some chicken and veggies on the grill — and I often do — but it’s been so long since I’ve had beef that it’s hard to resist when someone cooks a big, juicy hamburger.

So, those are the struggles I’ve been having this summer.  I would say that, if I simply maintain this summer that’d be better than gaining — and it would — but I have not given up my goals.  I want to be down at least 20 lbs. more by September 1, so maintaining is not my goal.  Right now, my most immediate goal is figuring out a workable summer workout schedule.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments you’ve left.  You don’t know what it means to me to hear that I’ve inspired you and encouraged you to begin your own weight loss journeys.  That’s an incredible feeling and huge boost of encouragement to me.  Thank you for all your support.  I’m still here and I haven’t given up!

What’s going on with you right now?  Are you struggling?  Are you finding new ways for keeping active and eating healthy this summer?  I’d love to know.

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  1. You HAVE inspired me, Kris! I've rid myself of ten pounds in 43 days through hard work and motivation derived from watching your journey.

    I hate to sound like a broken record here with the 100% grassfed beef…but it is really, really lean, and negates the need for you to go without beef because of the high saturated fat content. Chicken is great, can't afford lots of fish, and beef really satisfies those carnivorous cravings! (and no, I am not a spokesperson for Cattle Ranchers of America.)

  2. Hi Kris – You have inspired me to keep aware this winter of what I was eating and how I was moving. I didn't loose the weight I wanted to – but I can't say I did a regimen to try . . . . This morning I was encouraged to do the hard walking – on the soft sand – again in the mornings. Its been raining almost every day in June – so walking has been down. I did step on the scale yesterday and after months of no movements I was surprised to see the dial down 7 lbs. Must be the summer moving around. 🙂 Love it.
    Keep Posting! It really encourages me, even if I don't chirp up often.
    Can't wait til midnight of the 30th . . . . .

  3. Wow, I was just coming on here to suggest grassfed beef ~ looks like Mamosa beat me to it!

    I would also recommend the book "Intuitive Eating". After reading that book you no longer will feel the need to label foods as "good food" "bad food" because we all know we want what we've told ourselves is the bad food (hello, juicy burger!)
    Instead, this book focuses on teaching ourselves to think about food in terms of how it makes out bodies feel.
    Yes, sometimes I want a big juicy burger. And I eat it. If it's sitting like a brick in my stomach and I feel rotten its because I didn't eat enough RAW fruits & veggies with it. So, I pop some enzymes (dried greens in a capsule) that I keep in my purse at all times.
    They help your body digest the harder to digest foods and things don't just sit in your tummy anymore.
    You are doing an amazing job! You've inspired me and so many more. Keep up the good work!

  4. You can do it! I know you can. Once you work out a new schedule I have complete faith you'll be wowing yourself with your numbers. Do you have a local pool? Maybe if your kids are begging you to go that would be a good motivator 🙂

  5. You are doing such a great job! I have to know, are you going to a midnight showing of Eclipse? I'm going to get my tickets today lol. It's a tradition now for ds2 and I to go to the midnight show (although all he goes for is to keep me awake by making fun of it all lol. And the snacks.) Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. Thanks Kris for your blog. I am beginning today this weight loss journey. I really want to lose the weight but am scared that I can't. Do you have any advice for what to read, what equipment to buy, etc?

  7. @ Dalton Gang — Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. It's been a busy, busy summer. That's a tough question, because losing weight is such a personal journey and what works for one person might not work for someone else.

    I'm a Biggest Loser fan, so I enjoyed a lot of the products related to the show — workout videos and books. My bodybugg, which is also a Biggest Loser thing, has been my greatest asset. It's a big initial investment, but it's been totally worth it to me.

    We have a treadmill and I use it nearly every day. For me, it's probably my one "can't live without" piece of equipment. I love walking outside, too, but it's so hot here in the summer that I don't get out. Biking is great, too, but it's another thing I don't get to do as much as I'd like.

    A jump rope is a great, inexpensive workout tool. I like having 5 and 8 lb. weights, too. They're very versatile. Jillian (Michaels…from the Biggest Loser) is a big fan of encouraging you to use your own body weight, which is, of course, free. 😉

    Hope that helps!

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