Weekly Wrap-Up: The Spring Is Here Edition

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What a beautiful ending today has been to a week that had questionable (weather-wise) beginnings. Today is a glorious spring day which has been warm enough to allow us to open windows and enjoy the breeze or, in Josh and Megan’s case, just spend the majority of the day outside.

Sunday was a sunny, mostly-warm day, too, which was perfect for our outdoor Easter plans, which included an outdoor church service followed by an Easter egg hunt. Don’t my babies look so pretty and/or handsome?


A sea of Easter eggs:

sea of eggs

Josh and Megan got so many that they left the search with tons of eggs still on the ground.

Afterward, we enjoyed a family Easter dinner and egg hunt at my sister’s house. Here’s my adorable nephew who just about fell on his head trying to get that one egg that kept rolling just beyond his grasp:

Counting the loot:

counting coins
Easter candy

We made resurrection cookies the night before. I really enjoy doing that each year because it puts the focus back on Christ and His death, burial and resurrection before all the hustle and bustle of church, family dinners and egg hunts. (Note the dalmatian, our Roman guard.)

resurrection cookies

The kids wound up spending Sunday night with Brian’s parents, so we got an overnight date night. It was very enjoyable until just before 5:00 AM when Brian woke me so that we could go to the basement. We had a really bad storm and the wind was blowing so strongly that we were worried about a tornado. That didn’t happen, but we did wind up with a tree on our fence.

fallen tree

The rest of the week was fairly normal. We had our last regular music class of the year on Wednesday. The kids’ recital is next week, then, we’re done for the year. Yay! I love when classes start winding down and wrapping up for the year.

In addition to our regular work, we’ve spent the week working on our Middle Ages and knights projects for the Night at the Museum party next Friday. Brianna worked on making our presentation board look really special:

castle board

We’re taking a pseudo-spring break next week. I plan on having the kids do math and reading most days and we’ll be tying up loose ends on our knights presentation. Other than that, we’ve got music recital practice, a doctor visit for me and a homeschool seminar with speaker Joyce Herzog. I just found out about the seminar this week and it sounds like just the thing to get me re-inspired for these last few weeks of school before summer break.

Yesterday, I stepped outside to tell my sister good-bye when she came to pick up my niece and was delighted to see a beautiful swallowtail butterfly in my azalea bush. He was considerate enough to flutter around, drinking nectar, for a really long time while this extremely novice photographer snapped some pictures.

butterfly 1
butterfly 2

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  1. We were really lucky with that wind.. we only had our garbage can blown around. Our neighbors lost trees and shingles.

    What a pretty butterfly and I love the azalea bush.

    I can’t wait to see your display at the Night at the Museum Fair. Ours is going to be VERY simple this time. 🙂

  2. Your kids are so precious! You do have some red in the family, don’t you? I’m glad to see that your azaleas made a come back (great butterfly pics).

  3. Great Easter pictures. We did Easter rolls this year for the first time, very fun.
    Found you over on five min for mom. Always good to “meet” another hs mom.
    Thanks for sharing what your up to for school it’s inspiring to read what others are doing.

  4. Looks like you had an interesting week! We enjoyed 3 Easter Egg hunts last Saturday, but sadly I had to work on Easter Sunday. After work we went to my uncles for Easter dinner. Then Brea got to come home and get her gifts (I’m not sure if it was Easter or Christmas, but it was fun) Otherwise I have been working the rest of the week!
    Thanks for participating in Show off your Blog Saturday hope to see you next week!

  5. I came here via the Show of Your Blog carnival and I LOVE your blog! (I was raised home schooled, as was my husband, and we plan on continuing the “tradition” with our kids.)

    Looks like y’all had a fabulous Easter! LOVE the idea for the Night at the Museum party.

  6. Your resurrection cookies turned out really neat! Ours were flat the year we made them. :0( We do another baking activity instead these days.

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