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Just so you know upfront, this post has very little to do with homeschooling.  We’re still on our Christmas break and yesterday I finished lesson plans for the first three weeks of school.  That means that my brain gets to carry on with its break from thinking about anything homeschool-related.  Seemed like the perfect time to give you a heads up about my blog and random photos you may see scattered about over the next year or so.

So, you know, I got a fancy schmancy camera for my birthday this past year.  I love it!  However, once the initial excitement wore off, I’ve been really bad about getting it out and using it daily and, you know, learning how to use all those fancy settings.  So, I’ve decided to do the 365 Project.  Except, being the weird, unsocialized homeschool mom that I am, I’m not actually going to sign up for the project officially.  I’ll just do it on my own and post my photos here.

So, if you see some random pictures scattered about my posts that seem to have nothing to do with the actual post topic, they probably don’t.  They’re just my project photos.  Hopefully, you’ll see them improving as the year goes on.  Oh, and yes, I’m going to go ahead and start while the mood has struck rather than wait until Saturday when it might be past.

Photo 1/365 is from Monday night.  My cat, Gus, loves hanging out in the warm dryer while I’m folding the clothes that have just come out of it.  (He loves lying directing on the heating vents, too.)  I really have to keep an eye on the goofy cat when I’m tossing in wet clothes to dry.

Gus in Dryer[11]

Photo 2/365, from Tuesday, shows how stinkin’ cold it’s been around here.  Icicles on bushes in the South?  Go back up North, cold weather!


Last one for today, 3/365:  The Flu.

The Flu[10]

So far, I’m the only one who’s managed not to get it.  Well, Megan might have just had a cold since she was only mildly sick for a couple of days, but Brian, Brianna, and Josh have had classic flu symptoms. I’ve been popping Vitamin C and D pills and sanitizing my hands every time I turn around.  I feel like I’m walking around with an ax over my head.  Hopefully, I can continue to avoid coming down with it.  The house will totally fall apart if I do.

Oh, and the pizza was just because I was craving it and I didn’t feel like cooking since everybody hasn’t had normal appetites.  Of course, since I ordered pizza (online, for the first time ever) – and it smelled so good – everybody had to try to eat some.  And managed pretty well, truth be told.  Hopefully that means the last two invalids – Brian and and Brianna – are on the mend.

So, between playing nurse to sick people, completing lessons plans, and keeping the laundry caught up, I’ve kept pretty busy this week.  Today, I may tackle the clutter in the basement play room.  It’s not horrible, but it could definitely stand some de-cluttering and organizing.

How have you kept busy this week?


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  1. Kris,

    My cat loves to lay on top of the dryer – I even put a box there just for her. Great picture!

    I've been cleaning up in the school room and prepping for school next week, organizing my craft room (almost done!), staying up super-late and sleeping in. We've been on break since Thanksgiving so we're all in for a shocker next week!


  2. I like the 365 photos idea.
    I do the 12 on the 12th. I take way more than 12 but scrap 12 of them. Neat snapshots of our lives.

  3. Good luck w/ your 365-ish! I had to change mine to a "picture project" lol! I am over a year behind in posting ak!!!!

  4. Adorable little kitty! I have stayed busy by having the flu myself! So far I have managed to only give it to the baby because he demands to be cuddled and I can't explain to him that I don't want to get him sick. So he gets a pouty hurt face and starts to cry when I say no. So we have been cuddling sickies together. Other than that I have tried to clean the house and recover from the Christmas craziness.

  5. I got up to the beginning of March in 2009 with a project 365. I just couldn't keep up with posting pictures.

    I am thinking about doing a 12 on the 12th project instead. I thought that might be fun.

  6. Yeah, Angie, I'm not even going to try to post the pictures every day. I'm just going to try to take them and post a few at a time. I know I wouldn't do it if I were trying to post them every day, too. As it is, I'm completely with Rachelle — this is probably going to be Project 365-ish with me. 😉

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