Winter Homeschool Blues and Healthy Snacking

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Winter doldrums. Winter Blues. Cabin fever.


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I was not going to write about this seasonal phenomenon because I’ve seen it mentioned on several other blogs recently. It’s been covered, right?

But I’ve been feeling a little blah myself lately. It hasn’t been as bad as I’ve experienced in the past, but enough to remind me that it’s something we all deal with…and I know a lot of moms have a worse case than I do.

So what causes the winter blues and how they be combated?

I’m giving my suggestions today at Simple Homeschool. Stop by and see if you agree.

It doesn’t matter where your kids go to school, providing healthy snacks that they’ll actually eat can be challenging. When you homeschool, though, you may find that your kids are wanting to graze all day long. That may not be a bad thing, but it makes it even more important to make sure there is a variety of healthy choices.


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Today, at The Homeschool Classroom, I’m offering some ideas for healthy homeschool snacks. Stop by, see my suggestions, and leave some of your own!

Be sure to come back later this afternoon for the Weekly Wrap-Up!

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  1. My wrap up post this week is on exactly the same thing. It seems to be a homeschool phenomenon. I’ll be popping over for sure to see all your tips (need all the help I can get!!)

  2. I so agree about the healthy snacks. There was a show on t.v. once about over weight homeschool kids. I think we have to be even more diligently in this area just like everything else when you’re homeschooling.

  3. How fun! I offer my kids healthy snacks every day, but I’ve also found that if you never offer “the good stuff” (AKA cakes, cookies and candy), they will go overboard when they are at friend’s houses or if they get their own money to spend.My point is, that while it is important to offer our children healthy options, we also have to be sure that we aren’t forbidding the tempting stuff!

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