Works for Me Wednesday: Angel Food Ministries

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A couple of months ago, I mentioned that we were going to try Angel Food Ministries, a food-buying co-op offering economically priced meals designed to feed a family of four for a week (dinners, not three meals a day). I had read mixed reviews about the taste and quality of the food, but decided that we wouldn’t know until we tried.

This weekend, I picked up the third Angel Food order for our family of five.. We bought two boxes this month. So far, we’ve been pleased. There have been a few things that I wouldn’t have bought from the store, but, when dressed up a bit, they’ve been palatable. (I keep telling Brian that one week we’re going to have “Angel Food Rejects Week,” in which all our meals will be made from the food that we’ve put off eating. He’s anxiously awaiting that week…not!)
I’d read that the meats contained more preservatives than you might find at the grocery store. While that’s probably true for some of the meat, such as pork chops, I haven’t found it to be true for all of it. We’ve been extremely pleased with the chicken we’ve gotten each month. The bone-in breasts are huge and we can easily get two meals out of them and three if I’m creative. We’ve also had steaks twice now, which is normally not in our budget.
The boxes have also come with “shelf stable” milk each month, which is nice to be able to store in case of emergencies. The boxes also always come with a dozen eggs and a few side items, such as rice, pasta or beans. Next month’s boxes are supposed to contain a pound of pinto beans, which I’m assuming are dry. That will restock my chili and pinto bean supply in the freezer.
I recently attempted to roughly compare the price of an Angel Food box with the price I might pay for similar items at the grocery store, even taking into account the items that I would not have bought. I feel that the price of the Angel Food box is a significant savings and worth the effort. In today’s economy, with its ever-rising prices, Angel Food Ministries works for me.
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  1. Great. Thanks for sharing. Wish we had one in our area. It is also good that they accept FS. It seems like such a great ministry. Not sure if I would eat all the meat selections but I’m sure that if someone doesn’t prefer the meat they could donate it to the local food closet and someone still benefits.

  2. I actually gave Angel Food Ministries a try again this month. After our costly “remodel”, I am glad that I did! I have been pretty pleased with it this time around. We haven’t had the pork chops yet though. 😉 I, too, am dressing things up a bit but it has been much better than I remember the first time around. Maybe I am hungrier? 😉

  3. What church do you get yours from? I’ve thought about it, but it requires some advanced planning, which I’m not great at 🙂

  4. I may have to give this a second chance. I didn’t much care for it the first time. The boys seemed to like some of it though.

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