Works for Me Wednesday: Getting Silly Putty Out of…Stuff

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I’ll never forget the night that my husband, Brian discovered Silly Putty on the Wii drums. Those drums aren’t cheap and Megan had been told, more than once, about getting her Silly Putty on things. I’m not sure why she thought it would be a good idea to put it on the soft, foam-rubber-type pads of the Wii drums, but I was very proud of Brian’s self-control.

While he counted to ten (or maybe it was one hundred), I got on the Internet. You can seriously find anything on the Internet. Rubbing alcohol, it appeared, would do the trick.

It did. I put a little rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and easily wiped the Silly Putty away.

It wasn’t too long after the Wii drum incident that Megan informed me that – oops! – she’d left Silly Putty sitting on the floor in my room. The carpeted floor. And, the dog had lain down in it.

Fortunately scissors get a little stuck Silly Putty out of a dog’s hair and alcohol, it turns out, gets it out of carpet, too.

The Silly Putty is in a landfill somewhere now, but should you ever need to know how to get Silly Putty out of fabrics – or off of Wii drums – this tip definitely works for me.

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Yes, it gets silly putty out of hair too. I found that out from my friend whose husband had some in his hair. And… ahem, it just happened to be my son who got it in his hair… while they were keeping our kids so hubby and I could go on a date. I’m just glad that we got back after the whole incident was over! I am also glad that he is such a great, calm-in-a-crisis kind of guy!

  2. I think you and I would get along well – especially since we could share all the tricks for getting stuff out of places….like permanent marker off nice oak roll top desks.



  3. Haven’t tried anything with silly putty yet….I admire your courage!

    Love your blog by the way….I think the name is a HOOT! Thanks!!

  4. I LOVE silly putty. Fortunately, my kids have not gotten stuck anywhere. Of course, that may be because I always take it from them to play with it myself.

  5. Great tip! Now if I can find a method for removing homemade slime. You know the stuff made with white school glue!

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