Works for Me Wednesday: More Blogger Tips

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I thought I’d share a couple more blogging tips (for Blogger) with you this week.

Backgrounds. I got this great (at least, I think it’s great) background at The Cutest Blog on the Block. The backgrounds are all free and so simple to install. You just have to change your template to Minima, if it’s not already (apparently, Minima is the easiest to customize and I wish I’d gone with it in the beginning). Then, you simply add the code for your chosen background as an html widget. It’s that simple! This also makes it simple to change frequently, for those who like to update their look regularly.

Label Cloud. Last week, someone asked me how I added my label cloud. At the time, it came with the three column template I had downloaded. However, when I changed to Minima, the label cloud wasn’t part of the package, so I began looking around. I found this super simple tutorial on how to add the cloud. It takes three steps, but they aren’t complicated in the least.

Embedded Comment Box. I love my new embedded comment box! Again, this was a super easy add (really, everything seems super easy after the whole “changing to a three column template” thing!). Go to this Blogger Buster article, then, follow the simple steps.

I was a little confused about the “log onto your dashboard through Blogger in Beta” thing, at first. You simply click the link to go to Blogger in Beta, then, click on “dashboard” in the top right corner to go to your Blogger dashboard.

I hope these tips are helpful in adding customization to your blog. I’ve been having so much fun with this stuff! It definitely works for me. 😉

Visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday tips.


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  1. I love blogger buster, I always get such good sneaky ideas from there *L* Thanks for the link on how to make a tag cloud, I’ve been thinking of implementing that when I have a few more tags under my belt!

  2. Thanks for the link to cutest blog on the block! Cute stuff over there, and I gave my own blog a facelift. I liked your tip of setting up a “fake blog” to test things out first – good idea.

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